It’s snowing… A LOT, and we are CLOSED at this time! The storms over the last two weeks have produced massive amounts of snow on our hills, including 2 feet of snow over night, bringing us close to 10 FEET of snow outside our windows. Winter weather is expected to continue for the first half of this week and tapper off as we get closer to the weekend. We will update you on conditions as the weekend approaches.

As of this moment, snow levels are down to 3,000 asl. Chains are required and will be for most, if not all, of the week. Power lines are down throughout the county. There have been many vehicle accidents regionally. CalTrans, the County, PG&E, CHP, et al are playing catch-up in a massive way. And it will continue to snow. Likewise, we are playing catch-up as we dig ourselves out and try to prepare for your visit. Due to current conditions, we are CLOSED until Thursday morning. When it comes to what the weather, roads, or other snow play conditions will look like later this week, we simply do not know as of this moment; we will update as we can.

We are thrilled to have this much snow on the hills… but it can stop snowing any time now. This is going to be a GREAT snow year, with plenty of time of awesome snow play. We want to see every one of you in the near future, but we need you to have a safe and fun day, so we are CLOSED at this time; please, please, please, pay attention to the weather and road reports through official sources before planning any trip, and stay tuned in here for future updates.


January looks to be a VERY good month for drought stricken California, and all you SNOWPLAYERS will benefit this season if you time your trip correctly. Here is what we know as of today for this upcoming weekend of snow play FUN:

Another storm is set to impact the region starting Friday Morning and extending into Saturday Morning, with temperatures cold enough to give us another solid dumping of snow. There will be a small break on Saturday before a second storm comes our way on Sunday. Depend on how seriously you take the Weather reports, we could see another couple feet of new snow over the next 72-96 hours, with snow levels potentially dropping down to around 3,000 ft asl. (http://www.mymotherlode.com/news/local/280890/mother-lode-wind-advisory-sierra-nevada-winter-warnings.html)

Currently we have PLENTY of snow on our hills for tons of wonderful snow play, and these new storms will only help extend your snow play season. If you intend to join us this weekend for some fun in the fresh snow, PLEASE pay close attention to any changes in the Weather Reports (I’m sure you all have at least one weather app on your phones) and changes in road conditions by checking with CalTrans at http://www.dot.ca.gov/cgi-bin/roads.cgi.

Please, have a safe weekend as these storms continue to bring much needed relief to California and the Businesses that rely on snow and water. We hope to see you soon; have a great weekend!


Post-Martin Luther King Weekend Update
This HUGE weekend is in the books, and it’s been quite the ride. In 10 days we went from plenty of snow, to torrential downpours, to being closed for several days, to a four foot dumping of powder, and finished it off with a holiday weekend with a window of great weather. Our staff is, needless to say, exhausted after such a wild 10 days, and the management of Leland Snowplay want to thank all our loyal customers who continue to visit us and bear with us as we all contend with Mother Nature and the realities of the snow play business.
After an up-and-down start to the season, conditions are looking great for the later half of January, assuming Mother Nature doesn’t throw us any curve balls. In the immediate future, the National Weather Service is predicting THREE Storms over the next 5 days (see the HERE), with the first scheduled for Wednesday/Thursday. Snow levels are expected to drop as low as 2,000 to 3,000 feet by next Sunday. This, of course, means MORE SNOW for us and more SNOWPLAY for you. If you plan on making a trip up here this week to play with us, PLEASE pay close attention to the weather reports via your favorite Weather App and the road conditions via the CalTrans Website.
As we get closer to the weekend, we will update the Website and Facebook Page with a weekend forecast. Until then, stay safe and thing snowy thoughts!

We have literally been digging ourselves out of the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SNOW this weeks storms dumped on us. In less than 72 hours we got some 4 FEET of fresh snow; and to think that just 5 days ago we were washed out by torrential rains! Out staff has been hard at work moving the powder around and getting the hills and lifts ready, and things couldn’t look better for you this weekend! This is the most snow we have seen on the hill this season, and with the current Winter Storm Warning expiring tonight, the weather reports show fairly clear weather for the next 4 days (partly cloudy and/or sunny, with little chance of precipitation). Forecasts call for additional storms starting next Tuesday, which means we have a PERFECT window right now; a three day holiday weekend, TONS of new snow, and good weather. It also means we are likely to see A LOT of people up here this weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone who couldn’t resist these conditions.

Now, before you start your trip to visit us, pay close attention to A) the weather forecasts via the nightly news or your favorite weather app, and B) the latest road condition updates as provided by CalTrans at http://www.dot.ca.gov/cgi-bin/roads.cgi. Snow levels this morning were nearly down to 2,000 ft elevations (around Sonora), and although it rose later in the day to about 5,000 ft (Sierra Village and Long Barn), chain controls are in effect for the higher elevations and are likely to persist for at least some early portion of the weekend. We are going to be very busy this week, so PLEASE, for your fastest and most accurate information check with Cal Trans about chain controls rather than calling us or message us with questions.

Again, we are OPEN again and ready for you this weekend. We have PLENTY of snow, more than we need for great snow tubing conditions. We look forward to a busy holiday weekend, and hope to see you up here soon to take advantage of these conditions. If recent history has shown you anything, conditions can change rapidly, so if you NEED to get your snow fix this season, rest assured… LELAND SNOWPLAY is your best bet for a safe, fun day in some awesome snow!


Leland Snowplay will remain closed Tuesday and Wednesday, in anticipation of heavy snow fall which should enable us to reopen by Thursday, just in time for a great Martin Luther King Weekend. The warmer storm and rain may have temporarily shut down many of the Ski Resorts and Winter Areas, but our Snow Making Crew and Snow Cats will be working overtime with Mother Nature this week to get our hills and lifts back to prime condition for the weekend. For anyone who may be planning a trip up here this weekend, please stay tuned here for the latest updates. Again, we will remain closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and hope to reopen Thursday Morning.


We regret to inform you that the Major Weather Event effecting Northern California this weekend has produced massive amounts of rain even at the higher elevations. This had produced unsafe conditions for many of the larger Ski Resorts, who are now forced to close, and for the sake of our customers, we must do the same. We will not be open today. Trust us, you don’t want to be out in this weather today. We apologize if Mother Natures plans have conflicted with yours; if we could have predicted and stopped this, we would have. We will be closed today and tomorrow, as we anticipate a large snow event which should put us back in business by Tuesday or Thursday, and with some hard work, put us in a good position for Martin Luther King Weekend. Again, we apologize for circumstances beyond our control; please follow us on facebook or on our website for updates. Pray for more snow!

Weekend Weather Update

A lot of people have been wondering about the weather this weekend, looking for a prediction for the Sierra’s which differs from the forecasts you are seeing on the Nightly News. The Atmospheric River which is expected to hit Northern California is predicted to bring a lot of precipitation to the region, with snow levels starting our rather low on Saturday and rising by the afternoon and into Sunday. Additional systems are expected soon after, with dramatically fluctuation snow levels predicted (no two reports seem to agree on levels and amounts). A Winter Weather Advisory is in place for the region, with the possibility for heavy snow at times, limited visibility, and chain restrictions. A Flood Warning is also in effect for the majority of Northern California, which may even include some higher elevations if snow levels rise. In fact, places like Yosemite National Park are evacuating portions of the Valley in anticipation of heavy rain and flooding. We will be open this weekend, but we ask that our guests consult the National Weather Service and CalTrans before starting your trip. If you choose this weekend to visit, we will be ready for you, and if you choose to postpone due to weather, we understand and look forward to seeing you later in the season. Hopefully, these storms will stay cold and give us a lot more wonderful snow for you to enjoy. Until we see you up here, please stay safe this weekend as these storms pass through the state.



Early January SNOWPLAY!

With Christmas Break in the rear-view mirror, we are looking forward to a wonderful 2017. This upcoming weekend tends to be a bit quieter around here, as people recuperate from the holidays, and prepare for a Three Day Martin Luther King Weekend. Be aware, however, of the winter weather we’ve seen this week if you are planning to take advantage of some snow play this weekend. Snow levels have fluctuated, and we have seen both cold snowy days, and periods of light rain even at this elevation, and these conditions may persist through the weekend. We started the day with snow flurries, and ended with sunshine and rapidly decreasing temperatures. Snow tubing conditions are looking pretty great at the moment, thanks to our staff’s tireless work in December. There are currently no chain restrictions in place, although that may change with the weather. If you are planning a trip to visit us this weekend, PLEASE check the weather reports and the CalTrans Website before starting your trip, and plan accordingly. We hope to see you soon, if not this weekend, than later on in what we know will be an awesome season!

New Years Weekend!!!

2016 is almost in the books, but the SNOWPLAY Season has just begun. Although temperatures have increased over the last few days, our Snow Making Crew was ahead of the game earlier this week, and our hills are covered in white with GREAT Snow Tubing Conditions. Weather forecasts predict more snow is on the way this weekend and into next week. If you missed our “White Christmas”, maybe you need to take advantage of a “White New Years”. We will be open on both New Years Eve and Day, and we hope you will be able to join us as we end this Holiday Season. Road Conditions are looking good right now, but pay close attention to the weather and plan accordingly. If we don’t see you up here this weekend, we hope you all had a wonderful 2016; hopefully we will see you up here in 2017!




Thanks to the cold weather, our snow making equipment has been in continual operation this week, working with Mother Nature to add new mounds of snow to the mix everyday. It’s been a 24 hour-a-day operation for our crew, but the reward is a park with great snow for your visit. We will continue to pump out the snow every chance we get, so no need to worry; we have plenty of wonderful snow. We will be open through New Years Day on Holiday Rates, and starting January 2nd we will be open 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays unless otherwise noted) for the season. Likewise, Dodge Ridge Winter Sports Area, our neighbor to the south, received enough snow to open for the season earlier this week for skiing and snowboarding. Leland Snowplay, Dodge Ridge, Long Barn Lodge Ice Skating, and many wonderful local motels, cabins, resorts, and restaurants are open for a wonderful winter season… so make your plans now… we are working hard every day and we can’t wait to see you up here…  Check it out HERE!