The Owners and Management of Leland Snowplay want to sincerely thank our loyal customers for a spectacular season. It’s been a long, wet, wild winter, and after a long 20 weeks in operation this season, we shut down the Hill and our Lifts just moments ago. Looking back, we can’t thank you enough for joining us every year!
From 2011 to 2015 California endured a catastrophic drought, which dramatically cut our winter seasons short. Through it all, you stuck with us, eagerly awaiting the return of winter. We came through for you, and in the Fall of 2015 we installed out state-of-the-art Snow Making Equipment. This Winter, Mother Nature lent us a hand, breaking the drought with one of the wettest winters on record. Despite some early warm storms, we opened on December 3rd this season and since January we have literally been, at times, overwhelmed with the amount of snow.
Through it all, droughts and blizzards, you stuck with us, and we had a wonderful season on the hill with you. We opened earlier, and closed later, than many other facilities this season because you demanded it, and you deserved the longest season we could possibly provide. Hopefully you were able to join us this season. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this monumental season and beautiful snow conditions. Hopefully you will join us again next season. On behalf of the Owners and Management, Thank You for your patronage, and Thank You for your encouragement and positive reviews on Social Media! NOTE: For those of you who have identified items in our Lost-and-Found, those packages will be in the mail shortly.
Lastly, we want to extend a deep THANK YOU to our exhausted staff. This is especially true of our Snow Making, Heavy Equipment, and Hill Safety Staff, who braved the cold, wind, and wet snow, at times working through the night to give our guests the best conditions we can provide. Thank you for your hard work! It’s been a long season, with many ups and downs, but we didn’t just survive it, we conquered it!
Over the course of the next few months we will recharge our batteries and begin making repairs and improvements in the park to ensure that every season is better than the last. Our goal will remain to be the biggest, safest, and most fun Snow Park in the Sierra’s. Until next season rolls around, the Ownership, Management, and Staff of Leland Snowplay want to wish everyone a fun and safe summer. Thank you for the memories!!!