Leland Snowplay is devastated to announce that due to the persistent drought and heat-wave impacting the state we will be forced to CLOSE following operations on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.
Record temperatures to start the month have not allowed us to make snow, and have rapidly deteriorated the snow we worked so hard to make and hold on to in late-January. Given weather forecasts, we do not think we can maintain current safe conditions for weekend, and after much deliberation, have decided to remain in operation tomorrow to accommodate some planned groups, and then close until conditions improve. If temperatures drop and we receive more snow later in the month, we will make every effort to reopen and squeeze a few more weeks of snowplay out of this season.
To be perfectly clear to all our guests who are genuinely unaware of the dire nature the state finds itself in: this has been a CATASTROPHIC winter so far (perhaps the worst during of the current 2010’s drought), with serious ramifications beyond a lack of snowmen and snow angels. Local recreation facilities (like ourselves and neighboring ski resorts), as well as the hundreds of hotels, restaurants, cabins, and shops that rely on us, have lost TENS-OF-MILLIONS of dollars over the last few months (although the bills still found us). This lack of revenue, combined with the cost of the snowmaking and new lift system we installed to improve your snowplay experience, skyrocketing taxation, bureaucratic fees, and massive payroll costs in California, is devastating to the Sierra’s Economy. Thousands of employees are without work and are being LAID OFF in our mountain communities. Tax revenue (which pays for maintaining the roads you use to travel to us, summer wildfire suppression, etc) has likewise taken a severe hit. Beyond the devastating economic impacts, understand that when you turn on your faucet at home, your water probably originated from our backyard (snow), and we have very little to send down to your bathtub. If you think the WILDFIRES over the last decade have been bad, no snow means more summer dry conditions, increased bark beetle / tree mortality, and more significant home-destroying fires in our fuel-overloaded forests. We understand that many of you had to cancel your vacation to see us this season, but the ramifications of “poor weather” is so much bigger than a lost deposit on a cabin reservation. If we could do anything to prevent or reverse all of this, God knows we would!
Sorry for being the bearer of such bad news and a dose of reality. We want to thank everyone who was able to join us this season, and praise the efforts of our diligent staff for everything they have done to make the best of circumstances beyond our control. We will continue to monitor the weather and do our best to reopen if the conditions change and gives us even a couple more weeks of quality snowplay. Please continue to follow us on facebook and our website for any updates, and please think snowy thoughts!