The weather has finally started to shift, and it is finally starting to feel like winter! Following Friday Evening’s storm, we picked up 4″ of fresh snow. More importantly, temperatures have dropped significantly, and we are once again able to fire up our snow-making equipment!

This much-needed change in the weather is GREAT news, and if conditions persist as the current forecasts indicate over the next week, we anticipate being blanketed in white and back open for business before the January 27/28 Weekend. At present, 4 inches of snow is NOT enough to open with; however, our Snow-Making Crew will be hard at work over the next several days to add to what Mother Nature will hopefully continue to provide. At the same time, our staff will be grooming the hills and lifts, and setting up park safety infrastructure. If there was any way we could reasonably open for this weekend, we would; please understand that under normal circumstances it takes weeks of work to open at the start of the season, and that reopening mid-season means essentially starting from scratch.

Again, we are currently closed due to the drought and heat-wave we all experienced to start this season. With the cold, wet weather set to impact the region over the next week, we anticipate reopening late next week, and we will have an announcement on this as soon as we reasonably can. Please follow us on Facebook and on our Website for the most up-to-date information. Thank you.



If you have been watching the weather as closely as we have, then you probably saw the news too: COLD, WET WINTER WEATHER is on the way! Although we remain closed at this moment due to the combination of the early season drought and the heat wave plaguing Northern California, we are VERY optimistic we will be reopening soon for January SNOWPLAY.
Weather Predictions show several winter storms slatted to pass through the region starting Thursday, with plummeting temperatures and snow levels at 3000’-4000’ asl to start the weekend (www.mymotherlode.com/news/local/343169/sierra-nevada-winter-storm-watch-issued-6.html). With Mother Nature’s help, this shift in the weather represents the best opportunity for our Snow Making Staff to get us reopened for the season. We cannot announce a reopening date at this time, but rest assured that the second we have any news, we will announce it here immediately.
Again, we are CLOSED at this moment due warm, dry weather afflicting the state this winter, and a lack of snow throughout the Sierra’s. However, we are on standby as we anticipate Mother Nature to bring us some snow and cold weather suitable for snow-making latter this week. Please follow us here and on our Facebook Page for the latest information, and think SNOWY THOUGHTS. Thank you!
SNOWPLAY UPDATE – January 10, 2018
On January 1st we temporarily suspended Snowplay operations due to the drought-like conditions and the unseasonably warm weather plaguing Northern California. Those conditions have NOT changed; we remain closed due to weather and we will NOT be open for Martin Luther King Weekend.
Northern California is still experiencing below normal precipitation and (most importantly for us) above average temperatures this winter. Although the recent RAIN storms are a welcome change for the state, the snow level has been above 8000’ asl for much of the last week, and all that precipitation is NOT being captured as snow pack, which is horrible news both for Snowplay and for future drought forecasts. As a result of the weather, most winter recreation facilities throughout the Sierra’s have either closed or are operating with very limited terrain with far less than ideal snow conditions. Simply put, there is NO SNOW in the entire region!
We understand that people are disappointed in the hand Mother Nature has dealt us this season. No one is more eager to reopen for the season than we are; the lack of snow may be disheartening for you, but it is catastrophic for our community. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over the weather and can’t provide you with a weather report different than what you get from the National Weather Service and your local news outlets. We will continue to monitor the weather daily, and will stand ready to fire up the snow making equipment when temperatures drop. Trust us; the moment we are back in position to announce that we can safely reopen for the season, we will not keep that fact a secret!
Please follow us here on Facebook and on our Website for the latest information. Thank you.
On January 1 we temporarily suspended snowplay operations due to the drought-like conditions and the unseasonably warm weather plaguing Northern California. Those conditions have NOT changed. We are monitoring the weather systems forecast to impact the region to start the month, but as of this time, they have NOT been cold enough or strong enough to allow us to reopen. We remain optimistic, and as these storms arrive, there are three considerations to keep in mind:
1. Just because it is raining in the valley doesn’t mean it is snowing in the mountains. As a general rule, it is 15 to 20 degrees colder at our elevation than it is in the valley (specifically the Modesto area). It needs to be at least 50 degrees in the valley for it to snow here or for us to make snow.
2. Even if it is cold enough, a little rain in the valley does not equal a lot of snow in the mountains. As a general rule, 1 inch of rain in the valley (specifically the Modesto area) equals about 1 foot of snow in the mountains. We need to see at least 1 to 2 feet of snow up here (natural and man made) to reopen for the season.
3. The second we have enough snow to safely reopen, rest assured that we will. However, it takes a lot of work to open up under normal circumstances; month of pre-planning to open for the season, and days of work after the first snow grooming the hills and setting up. If it snows tonight (fingers crossed), we can’t just wake up tomorrow morning and open the doors; but we will put in 16 hour days to open up as fast we can if we can.
Again, we are all waiting on Mother Nature right now, but conditions have not changed yet. As these storms materialize, we will be on standby to fire up the snow making equipment and start setting up for reopening. Please follow us here or on our Facebook Page for any announcements regarding these storms; trust me, we will announce reopening the second we are able. Thank you.

 The Ownership and Management of Leland Snowplay is sorry to announce that effective the end of business today, December 31, 2017, we are suspending operations due the drought-like conditions and deteriorating snow conditions.
Our staff has done an amazing job of maintaining the snow over the last 10 days, but due to the customer volume this holiday season in relation to the small amount of snow Mother Nature has given us, we are unable to give every one of you the perfect day in the snow we strive to every day. We worked hard to stay open for the stalwarts among you, but Mother Nature always wins in the end. We want to thank all the smiling faces that helped us bring an end to 2017; we wish the conditions could have been better, and even though we told you that you shouldn’t come, thank you!
Presently we are keeping a close eye on a series of weather events forecast later this week. We are hopeful they will be cold enough to give us some fresh snow and allow us to fire up the snow-making equipment. We will keep you posted as those storms progress.
Again, effective today, we are temporarily suspending operations and “patiently” waiting with you on the weather. Please follow us here and on our Facebook Page for the latest information; hopefully this will be a minor delay in our 2018 Snowplay Season. Thank you!
We hope everyone had a great 2017, and we wish only the best 2018 for our wonderful and loyal customers. As you can imagine, our New Years Resolution (HOPE) is simply to get more snow on the hill so we look forward to great 2018 of SNOWPLAY with each of you.
As you hopefully are well aware, California is experiencing the start to another abnormally dry winter. We have safely been in operation for a week now thanks to the hard work of our staff. However, as we have stated before, the snow conditions are NOT optimal. We will definitely be open for business through the weekend to close out 2017. At that time, we will reevaluate the conditions to guarantee a we can maintain the safe conditions we have achieved so far. So, here is our official recommendation for all your snowplayers:
If you are in the area and looking for some fun in the snow, drop on in; right now we are the only snow in town and we will give you the best day we possibly can despite the drought. However, if you feel like you should wait until 2018 when conditions may improve, we completely understand. We want you to have the best snowplay experience possible, so please understand,we are experiencing drought-like conditions in the Sierras; these are not optimal conditions, so plan accordingly. For more information on current conditions please see our previous posts and videos, and visit our website for answers to the most common questions we receive at http://snowplay.com/faq/
Please, have a safe and fun New Years, and until we see you on the hill, think snowy thoughts!!
We would like to thank everyone who has joined us so far this season. As you know, our dedicated staff has worked tirelessly to fight back against Mother Nature, and get us open for the season with the best conditions possible in what is shaping up to be another drought year.
As a result of being the “only game in town” this week, we have had some rather large crowds so far; a double edge sword for those of you looking to visit such an “in demand” business” at the busiest time of year. For those of you who have messaged us and posted appreciative reviews online and in person, thank you for joining us and recognizing our efforts in good and bad years for over a quarter century of SNOWPLAY; we must be doing something right to be in business this long and be blessed with such loyal customers.
Unfortunately those large crowds and the return of that unseasonably warmer weather had resulted in rapidly deteriorating snow conditions. We have not been able to make snow the last couple of nights because of the temperatures, and our staff is focused on maintaining the best conditions with what snow we already have on the ground. As a result, our recommendation to you is this:
If you are already in the area or have a reservation this week in the area, we are open for business and we be working hard to give you the best day of SNOWPLAY we possibly can. However, if you are on the fence, debating a trip to see us this week, you might want to consider putting your plans on hold in anticipation of better conditions in 2018. We want to see every one of you this season, but given circumstances beyond our control we would prefer to see you visit us when we can guarantee better conditions from Mother Nature.
Again, we are OPEN for the season, and working hard despite drought-like conditions, but snow/weather conditions and crowd size are not optimal at the moment. We want to thank you for understanding these circumstances beyond anyone’s control and recognizing that despite our hard work, in the end Mother Nature always wins. Hopefully conditions will improve soon and we will see each of you on the hill later this season. Thank you.

The Ownership & Management of Leland Snowplay is THRILLED to announce that we will be opening for the season on Friday, December 22, 2017! Thanks to the plummeting temperatures this week, our staff has been hard at work coating the park in a blanket of white, and setting things up for your visit. It might have taken a few weeks to beat the heat, but it’ll be worth the wait… WE ARE OPEN FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

As mentioned earlier, this will be the inaugural season for our NEW Magic Carpet, an escalator-type lift system that will be serving our youngest guest who want to access our smaller sledding areas on the Lower Mountain. This is also the 10th Anniversary of the installation of our first Surface Tows, which will continue to whisk you to the Upper Mountain and our biggest and fastest tubing lanes. We hope each of you can join us this season, check out our latest improvements, and enjoy another fun-filled season of SNOWPLAY FUN!

Important Information:
– Holiday Pricing will be in effect for the Christmas Holiday Season, from December 23 to January 7. Please visit our website at www.snowplay.com/rates for updated pricing.
– We will be open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 5 pm through the entire Christmas Holiday Season. Starting January 8, we will be open 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays) unless otherwise noted.
– For information regarding changing road conditions, please visit the Cal Trans Website at www.dot.ca.gov/cgi-bin/roads.cgi
– For answers to our most frequency asked questions, please visit our FAQ Page at www.snowplay.com/faq first, and then message us on Facebook for the fastest response to your unanswered questions.

The hills are covered in snow, the lifts are humming, the lodge is warm, the grill is fired up, and the staff is eager to kick this season off strong. We will be open this weekend; all we need to make this Holiday Season complete is YOU. The Season is finally here; it’s time for SNOWPLAY!!!

Sierra Nevada Winter Weather Advisory
As predicted, a fast moving weather system is expected to pass through the region starting Tuesday Evening. We are expecting mild to moderate snow accumulations from this storm, but more importantly, the forecast shows sustained plummeting temperatures which we believe will allow us to fire up the snow making equipment in the next couple of days.
This change temperature represents the best chance we have to kick off this season before Christmas Vacation officially starts. There are no guarantees, folks, but we remain optimistic!
Again, due to the unseasonably warm weather, we are not yet open for the season, and have not announced an opening date. However, we stand 100% ready and waiting to kick this season off the second we have enough snow to safely do so, and are closely monitoring the weather. Please follow us here on our Website and on our Facebook Page for the latest information and the (fingers crossed) impending season opening announcement!
Well, folks, we hope everyone is enjoying the spring-like weather Northern California has been experiencing this December. Unfortunately, due to the persistent high pressure system hanging over the Western States, we have seen not yet received enough snow to safely open for the season, and nighttime temperatures have not dropped low enough to consistently make snow.
With the start of the Christmas Vacation kicking off on December 23, we are paying close attention to some winter weather which is being forecast to pass through the region next week, and temperatures predicted to drop into the teens following that storm. We remain hopeful that the high pressure system plaguing the region will break down and move out soon so we can get this season started.
Again, even though we are 100% ready and eager to open the doors for the 2017/2018 Winter Season, due to the unseasonably warm weather, we do not have enough snow to safely open for the season, and we have not announced an opening date. However, we remain optimistic we will be able to open before the Christmas Holiday kicks off. Please, follow us on Facebook and our Website for the latest information. Thank you.