The Owners and Management of Leland Snowplay want to sincerely thank our loyal customers for a spectacular season. It’s been a long, wet, wild winter, and after a long 20 weeks in operation this season, we shut down the Hill and our Lifts just moments ago. Looking back, we can’t thank you enough for joining us every year!
From 2011 to 2015 California endured a catastrophic drought, which dramatically cut our winter seasons short. Through it all, you stuck with us, eagerly awaiting the return of winter. We came through for you, and in the Fall of 2015 we installed out state-of-the-art Snow Making Equipment. This Winter, Mother Nature lent us a hand, breaking the drought with one of the wettest winters on record. Despite some early warm storms, we opened on December 3rd this season and since January we have literally been, at times, overwhelmed with the amount of snow.
Through it all, droughts and blizzards, you stuck with us, and we had a wonderful season on the hill with you. We opened earlier, and closed later, than many other facilities this season because you demanded it, and you deserved the longest season we could possibly provide. Hopefully you were able to join us this season. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this monumental season and beautiful snow conditions. Hopefully you will join us again next season. On behalf of the Owners and Management, Thank You for your patronage, and Thank You for your encouragement and positive reviews on Social Media! NOTE: For those of you who have identified items in our Lost-and-Found, those packages will be in the mail shortly.
Lastly, we want to extend a deep THANK YOU to our exhausted staff. This is especially true of our Snow Making, Heavy Equipment, and Hill Safety Staff, who braved the cold, wind, and wet snow, at times working through the night to give our guests the best conditions we can provide. Thank you for your hard work! It’s been a long season, with many ups and downs, but we didn’t just survive it, we conquered it!
Over the course of the next few months we will recharge our batteries and begin making repairs and improvements in the park to ensure that every season is better than the last. Our goal will remain to be the biggest, safest, and most fun Snow Park in the Sierra’s. Until next season rolls around, the Ownership, Management, and Staff of Leland Snowplay want to wish everyone a fun and safe summer. Thank you for the memories!!!
We opened for the season on December 3rd, and despite some early warm storms, had a spectacular Christmas Break, thanks in no small part to our Snow-Making Crew. By mid-January, Mother Nature had decided to lend us a hand, and since then we literally have had more snow than we know what to do with. The conditions have been, at times, overwhelming, and we thank all our customers who braved this drought-busting winter with us.
But, all good things must come to an end. As of today, we have been open for 108 days of SNOWPLAY this season, and April 23 (day 112) will be our last this season. We opened earlier, and will close later, than many other facilities for one reason: YOU; you stuck with us over the years, and we are meeting your demand for the longest season we can possibly provide. As the awesome snow conditions this season give way to spring, we are giving you, our stalwart guests who requested it, FOUR more opportunities to join us in the SNOW.
This is it. If you have not yet visited us this season, or are planning one final trip, NOW is the time. The weather this weekend is expected to be mostly sunny. The roads are clear, are are expected to remain clear. That bodes well for you, but signals the end of optimal snow conditions. This is spring folks, and despite our best efforts, the snow won’t hold up much longer as temperatures rise; Mother Nature giveth, and Mother Nature taketh away.
We invite you to join us one last time this season. For everyone who has already paid us a visit and will do so this week, thank you! It has been an exhausting winter in the Sierra’s, and we couldn’t have survived it (conquered it, even) without your loyal patronage!

The $64,000 Question: How much long will our season last? As we stated before, we have TONS of snow on the ground (and more falling as I type; CLICK HERE), so this season ends when employee cars outnumber customer cars. We have recieved enough verbal commitments from you over the last week to make this official… so, after much deliberation, we will be open through APRIL 23, 2017! For those of you who haven’t taken advantage of that LONG season (where have you been; we opened on December 3?!), you still have NINE (9) more days and TWO (2) more weekends!

Currently it is snowing, and chain controls are in effect. However, the weather is expected to clear by Saturday morning, and the conditions should be awesome on the hill for some Spring Snowplay. We understand that a number of you will be up over the next 7-10 days on vacations; we will be hard at work to maintain the wonderful snow conditions, and we need to see each and every smiling face possible up here. It has been a long, hard season in the snow for us, but we will be eagerly waiting for your last visit as we all end this spectacular season in the snow! We hope to see you soon. As always, play close attention to the weather and road conditions before starting your trip, and have a wonderful weekend!

This weekend looks to be one of our final wintry weekends of the season, and possibly your last chance this season to play in snow WHILE it is actually snowing. Current predictions call for a little more accumulation to our already solid snowbase over the next couple of days. We are expecting fresh snow tonight, with to 12 inches through Friday and into Saturday, modest accumulations above 4,000 ft, with clearing weather to finish the weekend.
This, of course, means we are primed to keep the hill in great condition for all you snowplayers who have told us you will be making a trip up here over the next two weeks. As before, we have no plans to close at this time. If you keep showing up, if the demand for snowplay is present, we will do everything to keep open for a few more week. We will close this season when you tell us you have had enough.
If you are planning a trip up our way this weekend, please pay close attention to the weather and the road conditions locate at the CalTrans Website. We understand that many of you are planning trips over the next two weeks, and we look forward to your visit. Please continue to follow us here for weekly updates!
Typically, our season lasts only as long as we have enough snow to safely operate. This season may be a little different. At present we have no definitive closing date. Although we are eyeballing April 16th, we have SO MUCH SNOW on the hill this year, we presently don’t plan to close until you, our loyal customers, tell us it’s time to wrap up the season. As long as you keep coming up and enjoying these conditions, and we have more customer cars than employee cars in our parking lot, we will be open.
So, if you are haven’t made it up to the snow, or if you are thinking of another trip, I’d suggest you make those plans NOW! If you have plans, comment below and let us know, and we will keep working hard to ensure the best conditions possible. Currently, the weather is clearing up, and we are looking forward to a few long sunny days on the slopes. There are no chain controls in effect, and the combination of our snow making efforts and Mother Nature has given us a SOLID Base to play on.
Come one… come all… April Snowplay starts this Saturday… It won’t last forever… just long enough for one more trip to visit us and enjoy a wonderful day in the snow!

Don’t worry… we are not closing any time soon; with as much snow as we have on the hill, we are planning to be open well into April. However, this is officially the last weekend of Winter; Spring starts on March 20, although the weather for Northern California this last week has definitely been spring-like. The National Weather Service is predicting a return to some minor wet weather this next week, but one thing is clear: This season won’t last forever. So, before you think too much about Little League, Boating on the Lake, and Camping, remember to take advantage of this epic snow year one last time. Currently, the roads are clear and the snow is piled high. We are not quite sure what this light weather will bring our way this weekend, so pay close attention to the weather reports before planning your trip. As always, stay tuned in here for the latest updates and any important announcements. The end of the season is in sight, but with these conditions, we know we can cram in a TON of SNOWPLAY before we sign off for the season!



When we saw “perfect conditions”, we are dead serious. The latest survey of our hill shows we are sitting on about ten feet of powder (attached pictures were taken today). Mother Nature has turned off the wet weather this week, and we are looking at the longest stretch of clear, sunny weather we have seen so far this year. The roads are clear, with no chain controls in place, and that is not expect to change this weekend. This is GREAT weather for everyone who was unable to make the trip earlier in the season due to the weather and road conditions.
As we head further into the month of March, we have no more major holidays or special events, and no more of those traditionally packed weekends. We are seeing longer days; the sun is getting higher everyday and the temperatures are t-shirt worthy for a large chuck of the day. But, that also means the season won’t last forever. Given the amount of snow under our feet, we are optimistically looking forward to at least another 5 or 6 weeks of SNOWPLAY, but time flies when you are having fun. Spring and Summer are right around the corner, so don’t you dare miss out on this monstrous snow season!
The roads are clear, the sun is shining, and the lifts are humming! This will be a great weekend on the hill. So, don’t delay; it’s time for some spring-like SNOWPLAY! Make your plans now and take advantage of the best conditions we have seen in years!

It’s been a stellar snow year in California, with the Department of Water Resources officially announcing yesterday that our states snow-pack sits at a whooping 185% of normal! Leland Snowplay is literally sitting in a blanket of TON and TONS of snow. Our snow-making staff has been hard at work augmenting Mother Nature, working to ensure we have a long and fun-filled season.

This week has been clear and sunny during the day, and cold at night; perfect of all night snow-making. This weekend is predicted to start our GREAT for all our guests; the clear and sunny weather and sunny weather on Friday and Saturday morning is slated to give way to snow late Saturday Afternoon through Sunday. Again, Saturday is expected to remain largely snow-free, with great conditions on the hills (this video uploaded to our Facebook Page was taken today) and on the roads (currently there are NO chain restriction in place). We are expecting minor snow accumulations down to the 3,000 foot level by the end of Sunday, so Saturday just may be your perfect opening!

Following this weekend, the long-term forecast is currently showing fairly clear weather for the bulk of March, with a few smaller storms predicted. With the first day of Spring a few weeks away, it’s important to remember that while conditions are AWESOME right now for winter fun, the season won’t last forever. Traditionally, we try to stay open through early-to-mid April. That leaves us with ~6 more weeks of fun. If you have yet to visit us this season, there is no time like the present. Make your plans now!


Ski Week is drawing to a close, but there is still plenty of SNOWPLAY as the weekend approaches. The weather this week has been a mix of light-to-moderate snow and periods of clearing skies. We anticipate similar weather this weekend. Although we are expect snow, the National Weather Service is predicting very little accumulation. Snow levels are predicted to drop as low as 2000′ at some points, and current chain controls are in place at about 5000′. The hill is looking great; the photo attached to this posting was taken yesterday! If you are looking for some fun in the snow, this season is working out great for you. But, it won’t last forever; if you haven’t been up to see us, now is the time to plan a trip; Spring is only a few weeks away. As always, please pay attention to weather reports and the CalTrans Website for the latest on road conditions. Please, join us as we say goodbye to February and look forward to the start of another wintry month of SNOWPLAY FUN!
With President’s Day Weekend in the books, we look forward to a wonderful Ski Week, that time of the season when some of you may have the time off to visit the snow. We will be open the entire week for this special week (the 21st to 24th) with midweek pricing! The weather this weekend was a wintry mix, with snow elevations mostly hanging around the 5500 to 6000 foot mark. As more storms pass through the region this week, we expect a lot of the same, with light-to-moderate snow in the forecast for us, and the possibility for some snow as low as 4000-5000 feet. Although the roadways will remain largely clear of snow (there are no chain restrictions in place at the moment), please stay tuned in to the Cal Trans Website for the latest road conditions, as rain and some flooding may be present along your travel route in the foothills and valley. For those of you eager to spend this week in the snow, the hill is ready and waiting, and we most definitely have the snow. The season won’t last forever, so plan your trip sooner, rather than latter. Until we see you up here, have a fun and safe weekend!