After months of preparation, we are anxious to open for the season.  The lifts and new magic carpet are primed for the season, the lodge is preped, and our staff is on pins and needles.  Although we fired up the snow making equipment earlier this week, unseasonably warm weather has move back into the Sierras and has slowed that process down.  As of this time, we are not announcing an open date for the season, but are optimistic we will be able to open up before the Christmas Holiday kicks off.  No one wants to open more than we do, so rest assured we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to make that happen.  We just need Mother Nature to cooperate.  Please, follow us on Facebook for the latest information; we will announce it here the moment we can safely open for a season filled with SNOWPLAY!


Yesterday we showed a quick video on our Facebook Page of snow making currently underway, as well as a sneak peak of the new MAGIC CARPET that will be providing lift services to the smaller kiddie hills. We’ve heard your pleas and have reinvested into the business this summer in order to provide a better experience for families and our youngest guests. How does it work? The stock picture bellow is from the manufacturer, and will help give you an idea as to what you can expect this winter; its like an escalator up the hill, for smooth and easy snowplay access!

With this new addition comes some changes in pricing structure, which you can find our our pricing page on this website. Now that we have lift service to both the bigger and kiddie hills, we are making this simple: if you are 44 inches or taller, you are eligible for our “All Mountain Access” Lift Ticket, which means access to both the Bigger Hills and Kiddie Hills via the two lift systems. If you are under 44 inches tall, you are eligible for our “Lower Mountain Access” Lift Ticket, which means access to the lower kiddie hills via our new Magic Carpet! For years we have been trying to completely phase out those old “Walk-Up” Tickets, and we are hoping this will be the final nail in that coffin. There is no longer any reason to drag your tube (and kids) up the hill; let us do all the work!

Between the installation of our first tow-lift in 2007, the installation of snow making in 2015, and the installation of the new Magic Carpet in 2017, times are changing, and we are working hard to provide you with an even better experience every single year!

We really hope you can visit us this season and help us break-in our new Magic Carpet! With a little luck, and a lot of hard work, we are optimistic that we will be open soon for another great year for SNOWPLAY FUN!


(Not a picture of Leland Snowplay)

Now that the Snow Making Crew is hard at work on the hill (CLICK HERE FOR SNOW MAKING VIDEO), the Management of Leland Snowplay would like to give you an early preview of the latest improvement to the park for the 2018 Winter Season. Since January 2008, our bigger hills have been LIFT SERVED; enabling nearly a thousand people per hour to be glided up the hill. However, the lower (kiddie) hills have always been walk-up only, much to all our disappointment. NO LONGER! As is standard practice at Leland Snowplay, we REINVESTED in the business and even more SNOWPLAY FUN. The Magic Carpet Lift System has been installed over the Summer and Autumn on our lower hills, and now children of all ages will be gently conveyed up the hill on this awesome MAGIC CARPET Lift System. No more dragging tubes and kids up the lower slopes! We will be posting more on this great addition to the park in the following days, but here is a little preview: (CLICK HERE FOR MAGIC CARPET VIDEO).


Leland Snowplay is happy to announce that temperatures have dropped enough this weekend to begin snow making operations (click here)! Although Mother Nature hasn’t been cooperating much to start this season, rest assured that we are hard at work to ensure we will open the doors for the season as soon as possible. Traditionally, we open for the season by mid-December, before Christmas Vacation; although we always hope to open much sooner. No one wants to us open for the season more than we do, and we will continue to work tirelessly to make that happen. Please follow us here for the latest information on the upcoming season, and please… THINK SNOWY THOUGHTS!


The Ownership & Management of LELAND SNOWPLAY would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday; we hope you have had a great summer, and that you are ending the year with a lot to be grateful for. We know many of you were earnestly hoping to spend a portion of the weekend with us in the SNOW. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us; due to warmer than anticipated storms this month, we will not be opening this weekend. Traditionally, we open for the season mid-December, and although our goal is to open by Thanksgiving Weekend, we will need to see a more significant drop in the temperature before we can fire up the snow making equipment and kick off the season. No one is more disappointed than us; the staff been hard at work finishing some EXCITING new infrastructure improvements that we know you will LOVE, and we can’t wait to share that with you. We will keep a close eye on the weather as we finish up the month, and rest assured that we will open the doors for the season the second we are coated in a blanket of fresh SNOW. Until then, please stay tuned here for an upcoming ANNOUNCEMENT regarding new amenities that are sure to bring a smile to your face, and for ALL the latest information on the 2018 Winter Season. Even though we won’t get a chance to see you this weekend, we remain THANKFUL we have so many loyal customers, and we hope each of you has wonderful holiday.

A Pacific storm is forecast to impact Northern California later this week and continue into next week. Snow levels are expected to lower to 4,000 to 5,000 feet by Saturday, blanketing the High Sierra’s in a layer of white. According to the National Weather Service, one to two feet of snow is likely at the highest elevations. Although we do not expect to receive that amount of snow (fingers crossed, though), we remain hopeful that this first serious storm and the colder temperatures will lay the foundation for a long season in the snow. We encourage all our loyal customers to think ahead to a visit in the snow with us this winter. As we enter November, we encourage everyone to stay tuned here for announcements regarding recent summer projects and a projected opening date. We can’t wait for a great Snowplay Season!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Winter Season is upon us, and we are in full swing making final preparations. In addition to the services you have come to expect from us, upgrades and improvements are on the way which will improve your snowplay experience this season. Standby for more information. The weather has started to turn far colder this month, and our staff is eagerly awaiting the day when we can fire up the snow making machines again. As always, we have a target date of the weekend after Thanksgiving Day, and are hard at work to make that happen, as long as Mother Nature cooperates. Updated information and pricing will be finding its way on to the website over the next month, and we encourage everyone to think ahead to their 2017-2018 Snowplay Adventure with us. We can’t wait for another season in the snow with you. Until the season kicks off, think snowy thoughts!

The Owners and Management of Leland Snowplay want to sincerely thank our loyal customers for a spectacular season. It’s been a long, wet, wild winter, and after a long 20 weeks in operation this season, we shut down the Hill and our Lifts just moments ago. Looking back, we can’t thank you enough for joining us every year!
From 2011 to 2015 California endured a catastrophic drought, which dramatically cut our winter seasons short. Through it all, you stuck with us, eagerly awaiting the return of winter. We came through for you, and in the Fall of 2015 we installed out state-of-the-art Snow Making Equipment. This Winter, Mother Nature lent us a hand, breaking the drought with one of the wettest winters on record. Despite some early warm storms, we opened on December 3rd this season and since January we have literally been, at times, overwhelmed with the amount of snow.
Through it all, droughts and blizzards, you stuck with us, and we had a wonderful season on the hill with you. We opened earlier, and closed later, than many other facilities this season because you demanded it, and you deserved the longest season we could possibly provide. Hopefully you were able to join us this season. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this monumental season and beautiful snow conditions. Hopefully you will join us again next season. On behalf of the Owners and Management, Thank You for your patronage, and Thank You for your encouragement and positive reviews on Social Media! NOTE: For those of you who have identified items in our Lost-and-Found, those packages will be in the mail shortly.
Lastly, we want to extend a deep THANK YOU to our exhausted staff. This is especially true of our Snow Making, Heavy Equipment, and Hill Safety Staff, who braved the cold, wind, and wet snow, at times working through the night to give our guests the best conditions we can provide. Thank you for your hard work! It’s been a long season, with many ups and downs, but we didn’t just survive it, we conquered it!
Over the course of the next few months we will recharge our batteries and begin making repairs and improvements in the park to ensure that every season is better than the last. Our goal will remain to be the biggest, safest, and most fun Snow Park in the Sierra’s. Until next season rolls around, the Ownership, Management, and Staff of Leland Snowplay want to wish everyone a fun and safe summer. Thank you for the memories!!!
We opened for the season on December 3rd, and despite some early warm storms, had a spectacular Christmas Break, thanks in no small part to our Snow-Making Crew. By mid-January, Mother Nature had decided to lend us a hand, and since then we literally have had more snow than we know what to do with. The conditions have been, at times, overwhelming, and we thank all our customers who braved this drought-busting winter with us.
But, all good things must come to an end. As of today, we have been open for 108 days of SNOWPLAY this season, and April 23 (day 112) will be our last this season. We opened earlier, and will close later, than many other facilities for one reason: YOU; you stuck with us over the years, and we are meeting your demand for the longest season we can possibly provide. As the awesome snow conditions this season give way to spring, we are giving you, our stalwart guests who requested it, FOUR more opportunities to join us in the SNOW.
This is it. If you have not yet visited us this season, or are planning one final trip, NOW is the time. The weather this weekend is expected to be mostly sunny. The roads are clear, are are expected to remain clear. That bodes well for you, but signals the end of optimal snow conditions. This is spring folks, and despite our best efforts, the snow won’t hold up much longer as temperatures rise; Mother Nature giveth, and Mother Nature taketh away.
We invite you to join us one last time this season. For everyone who has already paid us a visit and will do so this week, thank you! It has been an exhausting winter in the Sierra’s, and we couldn’t have survived it (conquered it, even) without your loyal patronage!

The $64,000 Question: How much long will our season last? As we stated before, we have TONS of snow on the ground (and more falling as I type; CLICK HERE), so this season ends when employee cars outnumber customer cars. We have recieved enough verbal commitments from you over the last week to make this official… so, after much deliberation, we will be open through APRIL 23, 2017! For those of you who haven’t taken advantage of that LONG season (where have you been; we opened on December 3?!), you still have NINE (9) more days and TWO (2) more weekends!

Currently it is snowing, and chain controls are in effect. However, the weather is expected to clear by Saturday morning, and the conditions should be awesome on the hill for some Spring Snowplay. We understand that a number of you will be up over the next 7-10 days on vacations; we will be hard at work to maintain the wonderful snow conditions, and we need to see each and every smiling face possible up here. It has been a long, hard season in the snow for us, but we will be eagerly waiting for your last visit as we all end this spectacular season in the snow! We hope to see you soon. As always, play close attention to the weather and road conditions before starting your trip, and have a wonderful weekend!