We would like to thank everyone who has joined us so far this season. As you know, our dedicated staff has worked tirelessly to fight back against Mother Nature, and get us open for the season with the best conditions possible in what is shaping up to be another drought year.
As a result of being the “only game in town” this week, we have had some rather large crowds so far; a double edge sword for those of you looking to visit such an “in demand” business” at the busiest time of year. For those of you who have messaged us and posted appreciative reviews online and in person, thank you for joining us and recognizing our efforts in good and bad years for over a quarter century of SNOWPLAY; we must be doing something right to be in business this long and be blessed with such loyal customers.
Unfortunately those large crowds and the return of that unseasonably warmer weather had resulted in rapidly deteriorating snow conditions. We have not been able to make snow the last couple of nights because of the temperatures, and our staff is focused on maintaining the best conditions with what snow we already have on the ground. As a result, our recommendation to you is this:
If you are already in the area or have a reservation this week in the area, we are open for business and we be working hard to give you the best day of SNOWPLAY we possibly can. However, if you are on the fence, debating a trip to see us this week, you might want to consider putting your plans on hold in anticipation of better conditions in 2018. We want to see every one of you this season, but given circumstances beyond our control we would prefer to see you visit us when we can guarantee better conditions from Mother Nature.
Again, we are OPEN for the season, and working hard despite drought-like conditions, but snow/weather conditions and crowd size are not optimal at the moment. We want to thank you for understanding these circumstances beyond anyone’s control and recognizing that despite our hard work, in the end Mother Nature always wins. Hopefully conditions will improve soon and we will see each of you on the hill later this season. Thank you.