December 29th SNOW REPORT

We have snow. We DO NOT have a lot; no one does. We need to be 100% honest with you. We are still in the middle of a drought, and we DO NOT have the 3-4 feet of snow we should. We are OPEN with the snow we have, but the hills are icy, hard, and fast

The snow is slowly melting, but we are expecting a storm on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, and we will be open on December 31st and January 1st as part of the Holiday Season.

We continue to see record crowds. Lines are long and we are selling out of tubes/tickets on weekends during the Holiday Season; tickets can’t be purchased ahead of time.

There is nothing we can do to change the snow conditions or the crowds. Please, please, please, be aware of this. We want to see you all up here, but we need you to understand: The weather conditions are less than optimal, we are understaffed due to the local economy forcing businesses to close and forcing people to move away, and our overworked staff is putting in 7 days a week right now to provide you with safe snow play.

Please understand that we don’t have the time to be answering all your questions via Facebook or the phone; all the information you need is on our Website and on Facebook.

Thank you; we wish things were better for us all right now, but we will fight on; pray for snow…