We hope everyone had a great 2017, and we wish only the best 2018 for our wonderful and loyal customers. As you can imagine, our New Years Resolution (HOPE) is simply to get more snow on the hill so we look forward to great 2018 of SNOWPLAY with each of you.
As you hopefully are well aware, California is experiencing the start to another abnormally dry winter. We have safely been in operation for a week now thanks to the hard work of our staff. However, as we have stated before, the snow conditions are NOT optimal. We will definitely be open for business through the weekend to close out 2017. At that time, we will reevaluate the conditions to guarantee a we can maintain the safe conditions we have achieved so far. So, here is our official recommendation for all your snowplayers:
If you are in the area and looking for some fun in the snow, drop on in; right now we are the only snow in town and we will give you the best day we possibly can despite the drought. However, if you feel like you should wait until 2018 when conditions may improve, we completely understand. We want you to have the best snowplay experience possible, so please understand,we are experiencing drought-like conditions in the Sierras; these are not optimal conditions, so plan accordingly. For more information on current conditions please see our previous posts and videos, and visit our website for answers to the most common questions we receive at
Please, have a safe and fun New Years, and until we see you on the hill, think snowy thoughts!!