This week has been COLD, with day temperatures at or below freezing. Nighttime temperatures have been in the single digits and we have been able to add feet of GREAT snow to the upper mountain, lower mountain, and the lifts/tows. On top of that, its dumping fresh natural snow all day today. This is without a doubt the best we have seen it this season; two months late, but we will take it! Its going to be a great ending to the month for everyone looking for the first serious snow of the season.  (Click Here to see the Video)

We are ending Ski Week tomorrow with a bang and are looking forward to another snowy weekend. That also means there will be chain controls in place for part of this weekend, so check with CalTrans before planning your trip. Given the weather forecast, we are anticipating having the snow to remain in operation well into March, and maybe longer if these cold temperatures continue and you keep showing up. If snow on the road isn’t your thing, trust us, we will have snow to start March,with out doubt!

We know a lot of you had to cancel trips in December and January due to drought, but this is the time to make plans for a trip! We hope to see you soon!