What is the difference between a Lift Ticket and a Walk-Up Ticket?

A Lift Ticket grants the customer use of either our Cable Tows (which accesses the upper hills) or the Magic Carpet Lift System (which accesses the lower hills).  The cost of the ticket includes the snow tube rental and access to the Snowplay Areas.  Customers must be 44″ tall at minimum to access the Upper Mountain.  Double riding on the tow and upper mountain is prohibited, but is permitted and encouraged on the Lower Hills.

A walk-up ticket grants access to our hills via designated walking lanes.  Access to the various lift systems is not granted to walk-up ticketed customers.  Access to the Snowplay Areas is included, as is the rental of one standard innertube and/or plastic sled.

If all persons are tall enough, and desire to use the bigger hills, we recommend you purchase tow tickets.  We do not permit persons under 44″ to the bigger hills, and access to the Tows for our smaller customers is prohibited per Cal OSHA Guidelines and Park Safety Policy.  The Lower Mountain and our Kiddie Hills are the best place for the little ones.

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