We opened for the season on December 3rd, and despite some early warm storms, had a spectacular Christmas Break, thanks in no small part to our Snow-Making Crew. By mid-January, Mother Nature had decided to lend us a hand, and since then we literally have had more snow than we know what to do with. The conditions have been, at times, overwhelming, and we thank all our customers who braved this drought-busting winter with us.
But, all good things must come to an end. As of today, we have been open for 108 days of SNOWPLAY this season, and April 23 (day 112) will be our last this season. We opened earlier, and will close later, than many other facilities for one reason: YOU; you stuck with us over the years, and we are meeting your demand for the longest season we can possibly provide. As the awesome snow conditions this season give way to spring, we are giving you, our stalwart guests who requested it, FOUR more opportunities to join us in the SNOW.
This is it. If you have not yet visited us this season, or are planning one final trip, NOW is the time. The weather this weekend is expected to be mostly sunny. The roads are clear, are are expected to remain clear. That bodes well for you, but signals the end of optimal snow conditions. This is spring folks, and despite our best efforts, the snow won’t hold up much longer as temperatures rise; Mother Nature giveth, and Mother Nature taketh away.
We invite you to join us one last time this season. For everyone who has already paid us a visit and will do so this week, thank you! It has been an exhausting winter in the Sierra’s, and we couldn’t have survived it (conquered it, even) without your loyal patronage!