Don’t worry… we are not closing any time soon; with as much snow as we have on the hill, we are planning to be open well into April. However, this is officially the last weekend of Winter; Spring starts on March 20, although the weather for Northern California this last week has definitely been spring-like. The National Weather Service is predicting a return to some minor wet weather this next week, but one thing is clear: This season won’t last forever. So, before you think too much about Little League, Boating on the Lake, and Camping, remember to take advantage of this epic snow year one last time. Currently, the roads are clear and the snow is piled high. We are not quite sure what this light weather will bring our way this weekend, so pay close attention to the weather reports before planning your trip. As always, stay tuned in here for the latest updates and any important announcements. The end of the season is in sight, but with these conditions, we know we can cram in a TON of SNOWPLAY before we sign off for the season!