Yesterday we showed a quick video on our Facebook Page of snow making currently underway, as well as a sneak peak of the new MAGIC CARPET that will be providing lift services to the smaller kiddie hills. We’ve heard your pleas and have reinvested into the business this summer in order to provide a better experience for families and our youngest guests. How does it work? The stock picture bellow is from the manufacturer, and will help give you an idea as to what you can expect this winter; its like an escalator up the hill, for smooth and easy snowplay access!

With this new addition comes some changes in pricing structure, which you can find our our pricing page on this website. Now that we have lift service to both the bigger and kiddie hills, we are making this simple: if you are 44 inches or taller, you are eligible for our “All Mountain Access” Lift Ticket, which means access to both the Bigger Hills and Kiddie Hills via the two lift systems. If you are under 44 inches tall, you are eligible for our “Lower Mountain Access” Lift Ticket, which means access to the lower kiddie hills via our new Magic Carpet! For years we have been trying to completely phase out those old “Walk-Up” Tickets, and we are hoping this will be the final nail in that coffin. There is no longer any reason to drag your tube (and kids) up the hill; let us do all the work!

Between the installation of our first tow-lift in 2007, the installation of snow making in 2015, and the installation of the new Magic Carpet in 2017, times are changing, and we are working hard to provide you with an even better experience every single year!

We really hope you can visit us this season and help us break-in our new Magic Carpet! With a little luck, and a lot of hard work, we are optimistic that we will be open soon for another great year for SNOWPLAY FUN!


(Not a picture of Leland Snowplay)