Well, folks, we hope everyone is enjoying the spring-like weather Northern California has been experiencing this December. Unfortunately, due to the persistent high pressure system hanging over the Western States, we have seen not yet received enough snow to safely open for the season, and nighttime temperatures have not dropped low enough to consistently make snow.
With the start of the Christmas Vacation kicking off on December 23, we are paying close attention to some winter weather which is being forecast to pass through the region next week, and temperatures predicted to drop into the teens following that storm. We remain hopeful that the high pressure system plaguing the region will break down and move out soon so we can get this season started.
Again, even though we are 100% ready and eager to open the doors for the 2017/2018 Winter Season, due to the unseasonably warm weather, we do not have enough snow to safely open for the season, and we have not announced an opening date. However, we remain optimistic we will be able to open before the Christmas Holiday kicks off. Please, follow us on Facebook and our Website for the latest information. Thank you.