We want to thank everyone who had joined us this Presidents Day Weekend, and to remind everyone that we will be open everyday this week (Ski Week) and we will remain in operation as long the cold snow-making weather holds out, and you keep visiting us. A few reminders for those of you planning a visit this week or this upcoming weekend:
WEATHER – Some weak but very cold storms are predicted to impact the region over the next week, and we expecting periodic snow flurries and VERY cold temperatures. This is the coldest it has been this season, and its great for snow making! But it will be cold on the hill. Bring warm clothing and consult your favorite weather app before starting your trip. For more information, please visit: http://snowplay.com/faqs/here-is-another-question/
ROADS – Currently there are chain controls in effect stating at Cold Springs, and this is very likely to change with the weather over this next week. Please, check with Cal Trans at http://www.dot.ca.gov/cgi-bin/roads.cgi for the latest in chain controls before starting your trip. We DO NOT provide updates on the roads; check with Cal Trans. For more information please visit: http://snowplay.com/faqs/here-is-a-question/
SNOW CONDITIONS – Last nights storm gave us just a couple inches of fresh natural snow, and we are still relying primarily on our snow-making crew to keep us going. Hopefully we will see more natural snow over this next week, but right now the region is still very dry with just a dusting of snow in the trees. The snow we have been hard at work making this last week is great for tubing and sledding, and all our hills and lifts will be in great shape this week. But, we don’t have enough snow for all of the snowmen, snowball fight, general snowplay areas… yet… and man-made snow isn’t great for those things anyway. Please plan accordingly.
For all other questions to our most commonly asked questions, please see our FAQ Page on our Website at http://snowplay.com/faq/.
Again, we are open 7 days a week for Ski Week, and will be hard at work to remain open for many more weeks. Our mountain communities have taken quite the hit this winter due to the drought, but we are working hard, and hope you will lend a hand in supporting our business, as well as our local hotels, cabins, restaurants, and shops. Will are doing everything we can to give you a great day in the snow; we hope you can join us soon!