Well, it looks like another case of “Groundhogs Day” as Northern California is again experiencing a high pressure system. Although the temperatures are on the rise, we are HAPPY to say that our snow is holding up pretty well for the time being and we will be 100% OPEN through this weekend!
Despite the persistent drought and heat wave this winter, we have been hard at work to give you the best conditions we possibly can; as a result, both lifts, the magic carpet, and our tubing/sledding hills will be in full operation this weekend! Given the weather this season, the expected smaller crowds on Super Bowl Sunday, and clear roads and skies in the future, we highly encourage people to make the trip to the snow sooner, rather than later. Past this weekend, we also expect to be open Monday and Tuesday next week (updates on that later), and then we will evaluate conditions before determining the rest of the week.
Again, we are 100% open through the weekend, but with drought and rising temperatures in the forecast, we can’t say how long after this next 5 day stretch we can reasonably be in operation. So, come one, come all… if you are looking for SNOWPLAY to start February, we got the best conditions around; there is no time like the present to join us on the hill!!!