To say we have a lot of snow is a HUGE understatement. The storms over the last two weeks have literally left us with more snow than we know what to do with. We were forced to close to start this week simply so we could throw all our resources cleaning up the effects of these BLIZZARDS. We are OPEN again for business, with a spectacular snow-base we haven’t seen in at least six years, and don’t worry, this snow isn’t going anywhere for a while.
With the weather projected to be clear for about a week, we expect many of you will want to take advantage of these conditions this weekend, and we are looking forward to a busy few days as we continue snow removal operations and prepare to greet every one of you. As a reminder, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay close attention to your favorite weather app and check the Cal Trans Website before starting your trip. Although the weather is looking great, conditions can change, and the region is still feeling the aftereffects of these storms. Chain controls are currently in effect and will likely continue for several more days; chains OR 4WD with snow tires (and chains in the vehicle) are required. Cal Trans, CHP, PG&E, the County, and numerous other agencies are out, working overtime to ensure public safety and address damage; please drive sanely.
We hope to see you up here as we celebrate the return of winter. Please, have a safe weekend!