Leland Snowplay is happy to announce that we will be OPEN starting this Friday, February 16, 2018!!! We intend to be open through the Holiday Weekend, all through Ski Week (February 20-23), and if the cold weather hold out, as long as we can!
Despite the drought conditions this winter, our awesome staff is hard at work taking advantage of the COLD weather this week, and we are cranking our tons of fresh snow. We are committed to having 100% snow coverage on all upper mountain and lower hills (kiddie slopes), and having all our lifts and tows up and running. We will achieve this using 95% man-made snow, which means the snow will be GREAT for tubing and sledding, but not so much for snowball fights and snowmen. Be aware of the conditions before planning your trip, and understand the enormous amount of work and money that we are putting out as we contend with this drought.
Of course, because Mother Nature hasn’t given us much natural snow this week, we will have pretty much the only snow in the region. We are doing our part to fight back against this drought, and we earnestly hope that you will make a trip this holiday weekend and help our community by filling our Snow Park, our local hotels and cabins, and our local restaurants! The Sierra economy has taken a hit this this winter, and all the local businesses stand eager to see you pay a visit to our mountain.
As long as the cold weather persists, we will continue to crank out snow and hold out as long as we can (fingers crossed we will see more snow through February and into March), but there is never a guarantee, so we urge you all to come and get it while you can. One thing is for sure, we are 100% ready in our community to make the best of this slow season and give every one of you the best SNOWPLAY experience we can. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!