Efforts Underway to Reopen for the Weekend!
Due to statewide drought and heat-wave conditions, we were forced to temporarily close almost a week ago. Conditions have changed slightly over the last few days, and as we near the President’s Day Weekend, we are making every effort to REOEPN for the holiday. Please pay close attention to this and upcoming updates:
Temperatures have dropped enough over the last couple of days for us to start making snow again! Given the forecast, we are optimistic we can continue to make significant amounts of snow over the never several days, and are VERY hopeful (just shy of being certain) we can reopen before this holiday weekend. However, contrary to how you may interpret the evening news, we are NOT receiving any meaningful amounts of natural snow in the Sierra’s (we need feet of snow, not inches). As a result, if we are able to reopen for this weekend, it will be on 95% man-made snow and the sleepless efforts of our dwindling staff to make that happen; i.e we will have the only snow around, and we will have to be judicious in how we use that snow to ensure the best weekend we can. The results will likely be 99% coverage and good snow-tubing / sledding conditions on the main hill, kiddie hill, and lifts/tows. The conditions everywhere else will remain largely bare; i.e. great conditions for snow-tubing, but not so great if you are looking for the type of general snowplay (snowball fights, snow angles, snowmen, etc) Mother Nature has given you in years past. This is simply reality as we put forth every effort to combat Mother Nature this season.
We want to get this update as soon as possible for people who are hoping for snowplay this holiday weekend. Again, although the drought continues, we are taking advantage of temperatures conducive to making snow this week, and are VERY optimistic that we will be able to reopen for this holiday weekend! Further announcements will be forthcoming throughout the week.