Leland Snowplay will be reopening tomorrow, Friday, February 16, for what is sure to be a busy Holiday stretch! We have every intention of being open EVERY DAY (10am to 5pm) through the weekend, ski week, and (hopefully) far beyond.

Check out the video HERE; temperatures this week have dropped significantly, allowing our Snow-Making Staff to crank our tons of fresh snow. This will allow us to provide 100% coverage on all of our Larger Tubing Hills, the Kiddie Hills, and our Lifts/Tows. Using 95% man-made snow to start this holiday period, we are looking at great tubing and sledding conditions, and are looking at another boost from Mother Nature to start next week! However, because the Sierra’s have received very little natural snow so far this season, please bear the following in mind BEFORE planning your trip:

– There is very little snow anywhere outside of our Snow Park. If you are planning a trip to the snow, but not to see us, you will be hard pressed to find any snow at the moment. We have snow only because we worked hard to make this weekend happen.

– Man-made snow is great for tubing and sledding, but we don’t have the amounts of snow to provide the type of general snow play (snowmen, snowball fights, etc) we wish we could.

– Conditions are likely to change over the course of the holiday weekend. We are expecting temperatures to continue to drop and some additional snowfall from Mother Nature early next week. Although we are currently experiencing clear roads (no chains) and cold/sunny days, that is probably going to change. Please pay attention to your favorite weather app and consult the Cal Trans Roads Page for the most current information on road conditions.

Again, we are thrilled to be able to reopen for you. Our mountain communities have taken quite the hit this winter due to the drought, but we are working hard, and hope you will lend a hand in supporting our business, as well as our local hotels, cabins, restaurants, and shops. Every one of us stands ready (and well rested) to give you the best holiday we possible can. We hope you can join us to take advantage of every ounce of SNOWPLAY we can squeeze out of this winter weather!