SNOWPLAY UPDATE – January 10, 2018
On January 1st we temporarily suspended Snowplay operations due to the drought-like conditions and the unseasonably warm weather plaguing Northern California. Those conditions have NOT changed; we remain closed due to weather and we will NOT be open for Martin Luther King Weekend.
Northern California is still experiencing below normal precipitation and (most importantly for us) above average temperatures this winter. Although the recent RAIN storms are a welcome change for the state, the snow level has been above 8000’ asl for much of the last week, and all that precipitation is NOT being captured as snow pack, which is horrible news both for Snowplay and for future drought forecasts. As a result of the weather, most winter recreation facilities throughout the Sierra’s have either closed or are operating with very limited terrain with far less than ideal snow conditions. Simply put, there is NO SNOW in the entire region!
We understand that people are disappointed in the hand Mother Nature has dealt us this season. No one is more eager to reopen for the season than we are; the lack of snow may be disheartening for you, but it is catastrophic for our community. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over the weather and can’t provide you with a weather report different than what you get from the National Weather Service and your local news outlets. We will continue to monitor the weather daily, and will stand ready to fire up the snow making equipment when temperatures drop. Trust us; the moment we are back in position to announce that we can safely reopen for the season, we will not keep that fact a secret!
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