The weather has finally started to shift, and it is finally starting to feel like winter! Following Friday Evening’s storm, we picked up 4″ of fresh snow. More importantly, temperatures have dropped significantly, and we are once again able to fire up our snow-making equipment!

This much-needed change in the weather is GREAT news, and if conditions persist as the current forecasts indicate over the next week, we anticipate being blanketed in white and back open for business before the January 27/28 Weekend. At present, 4 inches of snow is NOT enough to open with; however, our Snow-Making Crew will be hard at work over the next several days to add to what Mother Nature will hopefully continue to provide. At the same time, our staff will be grooming the hills and lifts, and setting up park safety infrastructure. If there was any way we could reasonably open for this weekend, we would; please understand that under normal circumstances it takes weeks of work to open at the start of the season, and that reopening mid-season means essentially starting from scratch.

Again, we are currently closed due to the drought and heat-wave we all experienced to start this season. With the cold, wet weather set to impact the region over the next week, we anticipate reopening late next week, and we will have an announcement on this as soon as we reasonably can. Please follow us on Facebook and on our Website for the most up-to-date information. Thank you.