Today is officially the first day of Spring, but apparently no one has told Mother Nature. All those December storms have finally arrived, and March has been a Winter Wonderland. As a result, we are drowning in tons snow and perfect conditions. We are 100% open 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays), 10am to 5pm, through the rest of the month and probably well into April.
In addition to our upcoming weekly posting on Thursday Evenings, we wanted to update people on the weather early so you can make you plans to join us soon. The National Weather Service is predicting a major moisture event (an atmospheric river) to bring large amounts of rain to central & southern California this week. Northern California and Leland Snowplay will be on the northern fringe and will get more moderate precipitation starting Tuesday Evening. We are expecting some rain on Wednesday (remember, we are closed Wednesdays), followed by lowering snow levels and light snow on Thursday and Friday. We will update you on this before the weekend; please check out the National Weather Service Facebook Page for more information.
Currently we are sitting on over six feet of powder on our hills, and we are expecting even more precipitation this month. But Spring is officially here, and the great conditions won’t last forever. Before you shift your focus to little league, boating, and camping, consider one more trip to visit us and take advantage of some Awesome Spring SNOWPLAY!