The $64,000 Question: How much long will our season last? As we stated before, we have TONS of snow on the ground (and more falling as I type; CLICK HERE), so this season ends when employee cars outnumber customer cars. We have recieved enough verbal commitments from you over the last week to make this official… so, after much deliberation, we will be open through APRIL 23, 2017! For those of you who haven’t taken advantage of that LONG season (where have you been; we opened on December 3?!), you still have NINE (9) more days and TWO (2) more weekends!

Currently it is snowing, and chain controls are in effect. However, the weather is expected to clear by Saturday morning, and the conditions should be awesome on the hill for some Spring Snowplay. We understand that a number of you will be up over the next 7-10 days on vacations; we will be hard at work to maintain the wonderful snow conditions, and we need to see each and every smiling face possible up here. It has been a long, hard season in the snow for us, but we will be eagerly waiting for your last visit as we all end this spectacular season in the snow! We hope to see you soon. As always, play close attention to the weather and road conditions before starting your trip, and have a wonderful weekend!