Typically, our season lasts only as long as we have enough snow to safely operate. This season may be a little different. At present we have no definitive closing date. Although we are eyeballing April 16th, we have SO MUCH SNOW on the hill this year, we presently don’t plan to close until you, our loyal customers, tell us it’s time to wrap up the season. As long as you keep coming up and enjoying these conditions, and we have more customer cars than employee cars in our parking lot, we will be open.
So, if you are haven’t made it up to the snow, or if you are thinking of another trip, I’d suggest you make those plans NOW! If you have plans, comment below and let us know, and we will keep working hard to ensure the best conditions possible. Currently, the weather is clearing up, and we are looking forward to a few long sunny days on the slopes. There are no chain controls in effect, and the combination of our snow making efforts and Mother Nature has given us a SOLID Base to play on.
Come one… come all… April Snowplay starts this Saturday… It won’t last forever… just long enough for one more trip to visit us and enjoy a wonderful day in the snow!