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The beautiful Spring Weather continues, and our snow is holding up extremely well for all the Spring Break Snowplayers who have visited us this week. The March storms, combined with our snow-making, capabilities have left us in great shape for this weekend, and if your Spring Break doesn’t start until Monday, don’t worry; we will be open all seven days next week, and have every intention of remaining in operation for at least a few more weeks.
Presently, we are looking at clear, sunny skies this weekend, 100% clear roads, and lots of smiling faces on the hill; we hope you are one of those happy guests. The season won’t last forever, in fact we just received word that Cal Trans will start work on opening the Mountain Passes starting April 2; our first sign that camping, hiking, fishing, and other summer mountain fun is right around the corner. These last two or three weeks of snowplay fun will fly by fast, and we would hate for you to miss out. We hope you were able to take advantage of these conditions this season; if you haven’t… there is no time like the present to play in the snow one more time this winter season!

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