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A welcome sight returns to the Sierras for Thanksgiving! Take a look for yourself HERE on our Facebook Page; the hill is covered in a fresh layer of powder, and this upcoming season is looking promising; better than it has in years.
We epect the snow to continue to fall off an on before clearing up for the weekend. If temperatures continue to drop as they have been, we should be able to augment what Mother Nature has given us next week, by firing up the snow-making equipment and (fingers crossed) open for the season in early December.
We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. Please continue to follow us on Facebook and our Website; if the snow keeps faling, it won’t be long efore we can we post the offical announcement here for the “right around the corner” 2018/2019 SNOWPLAY SEASON!!
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It’s going to be a white Thanksgiving for portions of the Sierras, as the first winter storms of the season move through Northern California.  A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the higher elevations, with the first storm slated to move into the region Wednesday, and a second making its appearance Thursday and into Friday.  The snowline is expected to fluctuate between 6000 and 7000 feet.  With Leland Snowplay’s elevation right in the middle of that, we are hopeful we will receive a solid dumping of the National Weather Services predicted “moderate to heavy” snowfall.  We remain closed at this time, but will pay close attention to temperatures and precipitation over this holiday in the hope we can open within the next few weeks.  It’s been a long summer, and we are excited at the prospect of a long winter and tons of Snowplay fun.  Stay tuned here for future updates!

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The Management and Staff at Leland Snowplay have been hard at work over the last couple months as we make final preparations for the upcoming season. We know how eager you are to play in the snow, and we are just as eager to have you join us.
Traditionally we hope to open for the season by Late-November or Early-December. This target is predicated largely on the weather. We have not yet received any snow this month, and we are keeping an eye on this colder temperatures in the hopes that they stay constant enough to fire up the snow-making equipment. We have not yet announced an opening date. Stay tuned in here and on our website for that announcement.
In the meantime, we will continue to finalize preparations for what we hope will be a long and wonderful season of snow. We can’t wait!
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The Owners and Management of Leland Snowplay would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to every guest that joined us this season on this hill. The early season heatwave and drought conditions took a toll on Sierra Winter Recreation, but we were able to power through late in the season and make some great snowplay memories with you.
Sadly, after careful analysis of the impact of this last warm spring storm, and future weather trends, we are forced to call it season. Honestly, we are closing at about the same time we traditionally do (early to mid-April); but due to the weather early in the season, it feels like we are just getting started. Thankfully, we had an awesome 6 week stretch to end this season, and we enjoyed every smiling face that took advantage of the hard work our staff put in every day. But, when it comes to winter recreation, Mother Nature gets the final say on when we open, the conditions on the hill, the weather, and when we close. It was a up-and-down 66-day season, and we just hope that you got to spend some time with us on one of those spectacular snow days this season.
As we close the doors on another season, we thank every dedicated employee and every loyal customer. We will spend the off-season regrouping and make preparations for next season. We earnestly hope Mother Nature has an epic winter wonderland in store for the 2018/2019 Winter Snowplay Season. For over a quarter century we strived every day to make sure Leland Snowplay remains a wonderful place to build lasting family memories in the snow. Rest assured, despite any ups and downs beyond our control, that remains our commitment. Until we see you again on the hill, please, have a fun and safe summer!!

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First of all, the snow conditions are still holding up really well and we are having a great Spring Break on the hill with every one of you. Thank you to everyone who visited us. But, we have TWO IMPORTANT pieces of information for any of you late season snowplayers. Please read before planning your trip:

FIRST, we are closely monitoring the incoming storm, which is predicted to be another warm pineapple express late this week. This storm may dump several inches of rain in a short 24-36 hour span, potentially destroying the great snow conditions we have worked so hard to maintain for your Spring Break. Therefore, follow normal operations on Thursday, April 5, 2018, we will be CLOSED on Friday and Saturday (when the storm is expected to rear its ugly head). We will reevaluate conditions Saturday Evening / Sunday Morning, and determine how much longer (if at all) we can remain in operation this season. Again, the conditions right now are GREAT, with sunny weather and clear roads predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, and we hope you can take advantage of the conditions while they last.

SECOND, due to technical issues beyond our control, we are not able to accept Credit or Debit Cards today, and although we are working on the problem, we can not guarantee the problem will be resolved if you plan to visit us on Wednesday or Thursday. We apologize for the inconvenience; clearly, we are not too happy with this technology issue either. For the time being we are cash-only until the problem is resolved. Please plan accordingly.

AGAIN, we are open Wednesday and Thursday with clear skies, clear roads, and plenty of snow, but we don’t have the ability to accept credit cards at this time. We are closed Friday and Saturday due to predicted downpours. We will reevaluate conditions after this storm passes. This season has been a series of ups and downs, and we want to sincerely thank everyone for bearing with us through it all!

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Blue Skies… warm days… shorts, t-shirts, and sunscreen… Spring has most certainly arrived. Thankfully, March left us with enough awesome snow to remain in good shape to start April. For any Spring Breakers out there, we remain in operation all Seven Days this Week with snow conditions holding up really well, clear roads, and spring-like weather.
Because it is Spring, this is the time of year we start looking toward the end of the season. Near the end of this next week we will reevaluate, and if we can maintain good conditions another week thereafter, we certainly will remain in operation for more fantastic snowplay… and another week… and another… as long as the conditions are good and you keep coming to visit. But, in the end Mother Nature is the deciding vote on how much longer the season lasts.
This week the NWS is predicting GREAT Spring Break Weather for the first 4 days. However, we are keeping an eye on another moisture event to end the week, which may include some light snow or rain (depending on how cold and strong the storm is). So, for all the procrastinators out there, our recommendation is simply: Make your trip up here as soon as possible! There are no guarantees on how much longer the season will last. We thank everyone who has joined us so far this season, and hope we will see many more of you for a few more moments of SNOWPLAY 2018!



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The beautiful Spring Weather continues, and our snow is holding up extremely well for all the Spring Break Snowplayers who have visited us this week. The March storms, combined with our snow-making, capabilities have left us in great shape for this weekend, and if your Spring Break doesn’t start until Monday, don’t worry; we will be open all seven days next week, and have every intention of remaining in operation for at least a few more weeks.
Presently, we are looking at clear, sunny skies this weekend, 100% clear roads, and lots of smiling faces on the hill; we hope you are one of those happy guests. The season won’t last forever, in fact we just received word that Cal Trans will start work on opening the Mountain Passes starting April 2; our first sign that camping, hiking, fishing, and other summer mountain fun is right around the corner. These last two or three weeks of snowplay fun will fly by fast, and we would hate for you to miss out. We hope you were able to take advantage of these conditions this season; if you haven’t… there is no time like the present to play in the snow one more time this winter season!

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Seven Days a Week of Spring Snowplay by Popular Demand!!!

Due to overwhelming demand, we are making last minute preparations to open all seven days this week (including Wednesday) and next week.  Simply put, the snow and weather conditions are TOO PERFECT for us to turn away all the people who will be showing up for Wednesday Spring Break Snowplay, not realizing we are typically closed on Wednesdays.  Again, we want to reiterate, the conditions are the best this season.  The roads are clear.  The snow is awesome.  The weather is warm and clear.  And, we are OPEN all seven days this week and next, with optimistic plans to remain in operation through mid-April.  So, if you Spring Break is this week or next, and you are looking for something fun to do at a great price, then check our mid-week SNOWPLAY!



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We are ending this month March in even better shape than we started the month. The weather appears to finally be clearing, which means this is the perfect chance to get up here before the season ends; you won’t regret it! For anyone worried about the rising temperatures, don’t! This March Miracle has made it possible to remain in operation for several more weeks, and we are looking at a mid-to-late-April season finale. Until then, we are are open 6 days a week and will be open all 7 days the first week in April!!  Check out these perfect conditions HERE.
Fact is that everyone who has been coming up to play these past few weeks have been having a great time, and the end stretch for this season will be awesome! DON’T MISS OUT! The roads are clear and its unlikely we will have chain controls any time soon. The days are getting longer and the temperatures will be warming, which means longer days of t-shirt snowplay. The hill is in great condition, with 100% converge, and literally tons of powdery snow.

All that said, it is Spring, and the snow won’t last forever. If you miss out, it will be a long summer of regret and mournful waiting for next winter. So, if you are looking for something fun to do for Spring Break, Easter Weekend, April Fools Day, or National No Housework Day (April 7 if you were wondering), we are ready and waiting to have a phenomenal day in the SNOW with you!


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As predicted earlier this week, its been a wet week for Northern California, and its snowing on the hill as I type! Conditions remain GREAT, with full coverage on the hill and more powder falling, and even though we don’t like getting ahead of ourselves, we anticipate remaining in operation until mid-April. That gives everyone several more weeks to join us in the powder. If you don’t take advantage of the snow now, it will be a long summer of regret.
For those of you planning a trip this weekend, we are looking forward to a small break in the weather tomorrow, the possibility for continued light snow for our weekend, and clearing weather to start next week. We have tons of snow, with everything in full operation. Please consult Cal Trans fore starting your trip for the latest on road conditions. Lastly, remember that answers to 99.8% of your most common questions can be found on our website at
We want to thank everyone who has enjoyed this March Miracle with us this season. The feedback from our guests has been awesome; we strive to provide a wonderful time in the snow, and your appreciation for our hard work is gratifying. We only hope everyone who didn’t make it up here in December and January will have a chance to join us for SPRING SNOWPLAY. Don’t be fooled; the snow won’t last forever, so make your plans today!!