Can I bring my own Equipment to slide on?

Every ticket purchased at Leland Snowplay includes the use of equipment!  It is not necessary to bring your own equipment.  In fact, our lifts are designed to work only with a special kind of inner tube, and they are NOT compatible with any piece of equipment you are likely to bring with you.  We also supply inner tubes for Walk-Up Customers, and Sleds for the Kiddie Hill.

If you wish to bring your own equipment, bear in mind that the use of all sleds, saucers, vinyl inner tubes, and other plastic equipment is restricted to the Kiddie Hill Area ONLY.  Equipment made of metal or wood is prohibited entirely.  Devices requiring you to stand on them are also prohibited.  Park Safety Staff reserves the right to prohibit or limit any piece of personal equipment due to safety concerns involving the equipment, changing weather conditions, or the use of such equipment.

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