Can we purchase one ticket for our family and just swap it out all day?

I’m sorry, tickets are non-transferable.  Once a ticket is attached to, and used by, a person it can not be used again by any other person.  It’s the same principle as going to Disneyland and only buying two tickets for a family of four under the premise that only half of the family will be on the rides at any given time.  Tickets are purchased per person, and swapping is not permitted.

Although we understand your desire to save money, and to do so with honest intentions, we must inform you that ticket swapping is actually a crime, per California Penal Code Section 537, which states that “any person who obtains food, fuel, services, or accommodations at a […] ski area […] without paying therefore, with intent to defraud the proprietor or manager thereof” is guilty of fraud, a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to 6 months in county jail.

Leland Snowplay is routinely the victim of people attempting to commit this crime.  Prior to putting measures in place to prevent this, we we defrauded out of thousands of dollars every week!  We once caught a group of 12 people who had purchased one ticket, and just swapped out all day!  Leland Snowplay offers the lowest cost snow tubing prices that we are aware of in Northern California, and such fraudulent actions inhibit our ability to do so.  The actions of these few have forced us to be more strict with everyone, and Leland Snowplay has in place measure to prevent the exchange of tickets.  When you purchase a ticket, you must attach it to your pants in a permanent place using a one-time-use wicket which.  If you have a difficult time finding such a place, talk to our Ticket Checker at the entrance to the hill.  The tickets and wickets are tamper-proof.  If you need assistance removing or replacing a ticket, please talk to the Ticket Checker.  Tickets that have been tampered with, or otherwise removed from the first user without the knowledge of the ticket checker or management are void.

Persons who knowingly commit violations of California Penal Code Sections 537 and/or 602 will be prosecuted.


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