Do I need tire chains to reach Leland Snowplay?

Leland Snowplay sits at 6,330 ft ASL.  We are a SNOW Park.  Please plan on there being snow and/or ice on the roads at various points in the season.  Chain restrictions on Highway 108 are determined by the California Department of Transportation (Cal Trans) and enforced by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  Leland Snowplay has no special insights, and can’t provide information contrary to that provided by the government.  Weather and Road conditions in the mountains can change rapidly, and so will any chain restrictions.  At Leland Snowplay we take the safety of our customers seriously, and HIGHLY recommend the following:

  1. Please visit the CalTrans website BEFORE starting your trip for the latest highway conditions.  CLICK HERE
  2. If CalTrans says you need chains or 4WD/M+S Tires, take it seriously; it’s the law.
  3. Even if you have 4WD, carry chains in your vehicle; it’s the law if chain controls are in effect.
  4. 4WD is not always an adequate substitute for chains, and chains or 4WD are NEVER a substitute for good driving skills
  5. If you are uncomfortable driving in snowy conditions, reschedule your trip.
  6. Please do not call or message us asking for more information beyond what CalTrans provides; we don’t have anything more.  We can’t provide LEGAL information contrary to CalTrans and, from a PRACTICAL standpoint, we are incapable of gauging your vehicle’s capabilities or your personal abilities as a driver.



  • R1 Restrictions require BY LAW that you use Chains OR that you have M+S Tires and Chains in the Vehicle, PERIOD, no exceptions.
  • R2 Restrictions require BY LAW that you use Chains OR that you have 4WD & M+S Tires, with Chains in the Vehicle, PERIOD, no exceptions.
  • R3 Restrictions require BY LAW that you have 4WD AND Chains on ALL Four Tires, PERIOD, no exceptions.

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