What will the weather/snow be like on the day I visit your park?

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict future weather any more than you can.  We get our weather reports from the same sources you do; the National Weather Service, the 5 o’clock News, and commercial weather apps.   We have no special insights into the future, be it 72 hours from now or a month from now.  However, you can find current and publicly available weather forecasts for the next 6 days if you CLICK HERE!

In like manner, snow conditions can change rapidly, from powdery, to slushy, to frozen, to wet, to sticky, to dry, and back again; from day to day or even hour to hour.  Although we maintain a well groomed hill via snowmaking equipment and our snowcats, snow conditions change with the weather.  We’ve seen dry years with no snow in January, and wet years with 12 feet of snow in April.  The best we can give you is our weekly updates via facebook.


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