How much does it cost to use the park?

Pricing for the use of our facilities can be found HERE.

Pricing is based on what services you plan to utilize and at what time of the season.  We offer different tickets depending on if you will be using the Tows/Lifts all day or using the Tows/Lifts for 2 hours.  Mid-week prices are lower than weekend and holiday pricing.

The low cost of your ticket provides the single user with access to the tubing hills, snowplay areas, and the tows, as well as your equipment rental, parking, and the use of the lodge facilities.  Food and retail services are separate.  All persons heading out on to the snow play hills must be in possession of a valid ticket.  

Leland Snowplay endeavors to remain the least expensive snowtubing facility in Northern California.  We have seen some resorts with prices as high as $39 per person for just 55 minutes of play!  Given the enormous (and ever-increasing) overhead cost of running a small-business in California’s unfriendly economic climate, we believe our prices are extremely reasonable when compared with other facilities.  Please cost compare at your leisure.  We believe we will be your most cost effective choice for snow play in the sierra’s.

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