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We are ending this month March in even better shape than we started the month. The weather appears to finally be clearing, which means this is the perfect chance to get up here before the season ends; you won’t regret it! For anyone worried about the rising temperatures, don’t! This March Miracle has made it possible to remain in operation for several more weeks, and we are looking at a mid-to-late-April season finale. Until then, we are are open 6 days a week and will be open all 7 days the first week in April!!  Check out these perfect conditions HERE.
Fact is that everyone who has been coming up to play these past few weeks have been having a great time, and the end stretch for this season will be awesome! DON’T MISS OUT! The roads are clear and its unlikely we will have chain controls any time soon. The days are getting longer and the temperatures will be warming, which means longer days of t-shirt snowplay. The hill is in great condition, with 100% converge, and literally tons of powdery snow.

All that said, it is Spring, and the snow won’t last forever. If you miss out, it will be a long summer of regret and mournful waiting for next winter. So, if you are looking for something fun to do for Spring Break, Easter Weekend, April Fools Day, or National No Housework Day (April 7 if you were wondering), we are ready and waiting to have a phenomenal day in the SNOW with you!


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