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As predicted earlier this week, its been a wet week for Northern California, and its snowing on the hill as I type! Conditions remain GREAT, with full coverage on the hill and more powder falling, and even though we don’t like getting ahead of ourselves, we anticipate remaining in operation until mid-April. That gives everyone several more weeks to join us in the powder. If you don’t take advantage of the snow now, it will be a long summer of regret.
For those of you planning a trip this weekend, we are looking forward to a small break in the weather tomorrow, the possibility for continued light snow for our weekend, and clearing weather to start next week. We have tons of snow, with everything in full operation. Please consult Cal Trans fore starting your trip for the latest on road conditions. Lastly, remember that answers to 99.8% of your most common questions can be found on our website at
We want to thank everyone who has enjoyed this March Miracle with us this season. The feedback from our guests has been awesome; we strive to provide a wonderful time in the snow, and your appreciation for our hard work is gratifying. We only hope everyone who didn’t make it up here in December and January will have a chance to join us for SPRING SNOWPLAY. Don’t be fooled; the snow won’t last forever, so make your plans today!!
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