Our staff is typically hard at work, ensuring a fun and safe snow park awaits you. Please, before you attempt to directly contact us, first check out these Frequently Asked Questions.  Chances are we have heard your question hundreds of times before and have already answered it here.  You can click on a question to find the answer.  We’re waiting on snow – stay tuned!

A.  Dates of Operations (4)

When does Leland Snowplay open for the season?

Historically, we received our first snowfall in late October or early November.  This is rarely sufficient to open our doors on its own.  With recent addition of snowmaking capabilities, our intention to to be making snow in November every year, with hope of opening up every year on the day following Thanksgiving.  The weather plays the biggest role in making this a possibility, and when it comes to the weather, you know about as much as we do.  Please follow us on Facebook for the most recent news on our yearly GRAND OPENING!

Pray for snow at Leland Snowplay

When do you open? What are your hours?

Leland Snowplay endeavors to open for the season every year on the weekend following Thanksgiving, and remain open for WEEKENDS ONLY until the start of your Holiday Vacation period in mid-December.

We are open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK through your Holiday Vacation.

Following the holidays, We are open FIVE DAYS A WEEK.  We are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, UNLESS it is a holiday, such as during the two weeks of Christmas Vacation or during Ski Week.

It looks like it’s going to snow/rain; are you still open?

At Leland Snowplay, the weather plays very little role in whether or not we are open.  If we have sufficient snow on the ground to safely operate, and customers at our door, we are open.  Remember, we are a SNOW Park; if it is snowing, we are clearly open.  Although rain is possible at our elevation in winter, it is rare.  Regardless, we do not close on account of winter weather.  Plan accordingly.  When in doubt, please see our announcements.

When does Leland Snowplay close for the season?

Leland Snowplay closes for the season when the weather has warmed up sufficiently to melt the snow. No snow = no snowplay. Sadly, we are not able to predict the weather to a degree which allows us to set a definitive closing date in advance. Traditionally, we close for the season by mid-April, giving you a long 16-18 week season.

B. Traveling to Leland Snowplay (5)

How do I get to the Park?

For detailed instructions on how to get to Leland Snowplay CLICK HERE!

Please, please, please, DO NOT rely on your GPS to navigate in the mountains.  There are known problems with the geocoding used by most commercial geospatial navigation software.  We receive phone calls daily from people who got lost using their GPS to navigation to Leland Snowplay, and there is nothing we can do to help you once you take that wrong turn.  The directions to Leland Snowplay are so simple, a caveman could understand them.  Ditch the GPS.  Read the instructions.  Buy a map.  Don’t get lost.

We are located at the end of Leland Meadow Road, off of Highway 108, 33 miles past the city of Sonora and 4 miles past the town of Strawberry.

Don't pay attention to GPS!

What will the weather/snow be like on the day I visit your park?

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict future weather any more than you can.  We get our weather reports from the same sources you do; the National Weather Service, the 5 o’clock News, and commercial weather apps.   We have no special insights into the future, be it 72 hours from now or a month from now.  However, you can find current and publicly available weather forecasts for the next 6 days if you go to https://weather.com and type in Strawberry, CA.

In like manner, snow conditions can change rapidly, from powdery, to slushy, to frozen, to wet, to sticky, to dry, and back again; from day to day or even hour to hour.  Although we maintain a well groomed hill via snowmaking equipment and our snowcats, snow conditions change with the weather.  We’ve seen dry years with no snow in January, and wet years with 12 feet of snow in April.  The best we can give you is our weekly updates via facebook.

Can't see the weather in the future!

Do I need tire chains to reach Leland Snowplay?

Leland Snowplay sits at 6,330 ft ASL.  We are a SNOW Park.  Please plan on there being snow and/or ice on the roads at various points in the season.  Chain restrictions on Highway 108 are determined by the California Department of Transportation (Cal Trans) and enforced by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  Leland Snowplay has no special insights, and can’t provide information contrary to that provided by the government.  Weather and Road conditions in the mountains can change rapidly, and so will any chain restrictions.  At Leland Snowplay we take the safety of our customers seriously, and HIGHLY recommend the following:

  1. Please visit the CalTrans website BEFORE starting your trip for the latest highway conditions.  CLICK HERE
  2. If CalTrans says you need chains or 4WD/M+S Tires, take it seriously; it’s the law.
  3. Even if you have 4WD, carry chains in your vehicle; it’s the law if chain controls are in effect.
  4. 4WD is not always an adequate substitute for chains, and chains or 4WD are NEVER a substitute for good driving skills
  5. If you are uncomfortable driving in snowy conditions, reschedule your trip.
  6. Please do not call or message us asking for more information beyond what CalTrans provides; we don’t have anything more.  We can’t provide LEGAL information contrary to CalTrans and, from a PRACTICAL standpoint, we are incapable of gauging your vehicle’s capabilities or your personal abilities as a driver.

Snow Chains Required


  • R1 Restrictions require BY LAW that you use Chains OR that you have M+S Tires and Chains in the Vehicle, PERIOD, no exceptions.
  • R2 Restrictions require BY LAW that you use Chains OR that you have 4WD & M+S Tires, with Chains in the Vehicle, PERIOD, no exceptions.
  • R3 Restrictions require BY LAW that you have 4WD AND Chains on ALL Four Tires, PERIOD, no exceptions.
Does Leland Snowplay Install or Sell Tire Chains?

No, we do not sell tire chains. We recommend that you DO NOT travel to Leland Snowplay without tire chains if chain controls are in place or if the weather is expected to be inclimate.

No, legally we cannot install tire chains. Professional chain installers you encounter along highways during inclimate weather are actually tested and permitted by the State of California. Leland Snowplay is neither permitted nor insured to place chains on customer vehicles. Employees are prohibited from performing tire chain installation. We recommend that all persons traveling to the sierras become familiar with proper chain installation before making the trip. Take the chains out of their packaging, verify they are the correct size, and practice proper installation.

Does Highway 108 close for the winter?

Highway 108 closes EVERY YEAR for the winter 7 miles PAST the town of Strawberry.  The highway remains closed from late December to early May.  The turn off for Leland Snowplay is 4 miles past the town of Strawberry.  If you are seeing a sign stating that the highway is closed at SNO PARK for the season, IGNORE IT!  The seasonal road closure DOES NOT affect your trip to Leland Snowplay.  We are open.  You can get to us via Highway 108.  For the current CalTrans road conditions for Highway 108 CLICK HERE!

C. Ticket Pricing & Equipment (8)

How much does it cost to use the park?


Adults and Children over 44″ – $35
Children under 44″ – $25

Weekend / Holiday
Adults and Children over 44″ – $49
Children under 44″ – $29
Children two and under are free.
Tickets are for the whole day.
No charge if you are ONLY viewing from the lodge’s deck.

No Refunds
The cost of your ticket provides the single user with access to the tubing hills, snowplay areas, and the tows, as well as your equipment rental, parking, and the use of the lodge facilities. Food and retail services are separate. All persons heading out on to the snow play hills must be in possession of a valid ticket.

All Mountain Access vs Lower Mountain Access? What’s that?

ALL MOUNTAIN – Persons who are 44 inches tall or taller can purchase an All Mountain Ticket, which grants the holder all access to our Big Hills (upper mountain) and our Kiddie Hills (lower mountain). Customers can choose to purchase all day tickets for all mountain, 2 hour lift tickets for all mountain, or all day walking (no lift access) for all mountain.

LOWER MOUNTAIN – Persons who are shorter than 44 inches can purchase a Lower Mountain Ticket, which grants the holder access to our Kiddie Hills (lower mountain) ONLY. Customers can choose to purchase all day tickets for lower mountain, 2 hour lift tickets for lower mountain, or all day walking (no lift access) for lower mountain.

Ticket Prices vary based on what snow play experience you are looking for, but as a general rule, if you are 44 inches or taller, you will be purchasing one of our ALL MOUNTAIN TICKETS, and if you are shorter than 44 inches (i.e. children), you will be FAR more comfortable with one of our LOWER MOUNTAIN TICKETS.

I’m not planning on tubing or sledding. Do I still have to purchase a ticket?

All guests who wish to adventure out onto the snow play hills must be in possession of a properly attached ticket. If a guest stays inside the lodge or views the action from the sundeck, but does not walk out onto the snow, a ticket is not required. Park Staff is prohibited from allowing non-ticketed customers out on the hill.

No snowplay, but only watching from lodge is free

Can we purchase one ticket for our family and just swap it out all day?

I’m sorry, tickets are non-transferable.  Once a ticket is attached to, and used by, a person it can not be used again by any other person.  It’s the same principle as going to Disneyland and only buying two tickets for a family of four under the premise that only half of the family will be on the rides at any given time.  Tickets are purchased per person, and swapping is not permitted.

Ticket swapping is actually a crime, per California Penal Code Section 537, which states that “any person who obtains food, fuel, services, or accommodations at a […] ski area […] without paying therefore, with intent to defraud the proprietor or manager thereof” is guilty of fraud, a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to 6 months in county jail.

Persons who knowingly commit violations of California Penal Code Sections 537 and/or 602 will be prosecuted.

Small Business Fraud Prevention

Do we need to bring our own sleds and tubes?

No, and we would prefer if you didn’t.  Every ticket purchased at Leland Snowplay includes the use of equipment!  Our lifts are designed to work only with a special kind of inner tube, and they are NOT compatible with any piece of equipment you are likely to bring with you.  We also supply inner tubes for Walk-Up Customers, and Sleds for the Kiddie Hill.

If you wish to bring your own equipment, bear in mind that the use of all sleds, saucers, vinyl inner tubes, and other plastic equipment is restricted to the Kiddie Hill Area ONLY.  Equipment made of metal or wood is prohibited entirely.  Devices requiring you to stand on them are also prohibited.  Park Safety Staff reserves the right to prohibit or limit any piece of personal equipment due to safety concerns involving the equipment, changing weather conditions, or the use of such equipment.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Our facility includes several acres of open lot parking, provided FREE to paying customers.

D. Lodging, Dining and Retail Sales (4)

Does Leland Snowplay have any Food Services?

Yes, the High Sierra Grill is conveniently located inside our lodge, along with a separate Snack Bar.  Our Grill and Snack Bar offers a wide range of delicious food and beverage, including:

  • High Sierra Footlongs & Corn Dogs
  • Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
  • Chicken Strips
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & PB&J Sandwiches
  • French Fries, Chips, and Assorted Candy
  • Soup of the Day
  • Warm Chilli
  • Nachos & Soft Pretzels
  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Mochas, and Hot Cider
  • Water, Powerade, Soft Drinks, and assorted beers & wines

What better way to warm up after a few hours in the snow than a warm meal?  The High Sierra Grill is open from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Beverages and snack items are available during normal business hours.

Food at Leland Snowplay - High Sierra Grill

Can I bring my own food into the park?

Guests are welcome to bring their own food into the park, or may also decide to purchase HOT FOOD from our reasonably priced HIGH SIERRA GRILL. If you bring your own food, we ask that you refrain from utilizing the limited dining areas in the lodge and on the deck. Tables and chairs are reserved for paying food customers. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Can I BBQ in the park?

For safety reasons, we DO NOT allow any BBQ grills anywhere in the park. Grilling may be permitted by Park Safety Staff in the parking lot if done so safely on a small grill. Open campfires are PROHIBITED everywhere on the property. We appreciate your continued cooperation.

No BBQ or fires in Leland Snowplay facility

Does Leland Snowplay rent or sell snow clothing?

NO, we do not RENT clothing.
YES, we do SELL an assortment of apparel items such as boots, gloves, snow pants, and beanies, in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. We maintain a inventory on hand to accommodate customers who have forgotten to bring the appropriate apparel for snow play.

E. Safety is Our Priority (3)

Are helmets required at Leland Snowplay?

No, helmets are NOT required, but they are recommended. At Leland Snowplay, safety is our number one priority. If you are concerned about head protection for you and your family, we recommend bringing a helmet on your next trip.

Helmets recommended

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Unfortunately, due to health and safety regulations, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED inside the park. Please DO NOT bring your dogs as they will have to be left inside your vehicle.

In accordance with ADA Law, actual SERVICE ANIMALS ARE WELCOME, able to accompany their handler anywhere it is legally safe to do so. However, given the recent increase of disreputable people fraudulently claiming their dogs are public service animals, our staff has been trained to ask questions in compliance with ADA Laws of any person claiming their animal is a public service animal. People committing fraud will be asked to leave. We feel that people who commit fraud against a business in this manner are willfully harming persons with real disabilities and the animals trained to provided services for them. Please, be responsible!

No pets allowed except service dogs

What if I am pregnant?

Snow tubing, sledding, and other snow play are physical activities which require active participation to be done safely. While we do not recommend that pregnant women participate in this form or recreation, we can not prohibit it, unless our Park Safety Staff witnesses an unsafe action which we believe (based on experience) poses a serious risk to your safety or the safety of others. Please SNOWPLAY responsibly.

F. Miscellaneous (4)

What is the elevation of the park?

The elevation of Leland High Sierra Snowplay is 6,330 feet above sea level.

Will my cell phone work at Leland Snowplay?

Your service coverage will depend on your provider and your exact location. As a general rule, please expect to lose cell phone coverage about 30 minutes prior to arriving at the park, somewhere before the town of Long Barn. Coverage at Leland Snowplay itself is nearly non-existent. Persons on the Verizon Network may have better coverage, but don’t count on it.
Public phones are not available locally. You are on vacation. Turn the phone off and enjoy what you have been missing…

No cell phone service at Leland Snowplay

Does Leland Snowplay make snow?

YES!  The snow guns were officially put into service on December 16, 2015.  Our intentions are to have enough snow on the ground to start EVERY season on the Friday following Thanksgiving weather permitting.

Leland Snowplay's snow maker

Any other suggestions for our trip?

It is always a great idea to adequately prepare for a trip to the snow. To see what we suggest, see our tips for travelers.

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