Well the time has come, we finally have the Snow to get Open with Great Conditions.

Our first day will be December 17th, which means Ticket Sales are available online.

Many people ask “why we do not offer online tickets earlier “ well we believe that you should have the ability to obtain as much information regarding weather and road conditions as possible before you make your purchase.

Nobody can predict weather and road conditions further then a couple of weeks out.


Now for the not so fine print:

Sorry it’s long- But Please Read It.

Tickets are Non-Changeable and Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

Each Leland Snowplay ticket is valid for single day, open-to-close.

There will be a limited quantity of tickets available for purchase on any given day. All tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to your arrival. Online ticket rates are variable based on the day and time of year you select. ( Weekend/Holiday rates apply December 18- January 2nd.)

Rates are subject to change.


Leland Snowplay tickets are only sold online during weekends and Holiday times throughout the season, that includes December 18, thru January 2nd.

There will be little to no opportunity to purchase tickets via walk-up on the day of your visit. Limited quantity available each day. Only Full- Day tickets are offered this season.



Tickets are only available for December 17th- January 2 at this time.

Tickets for the season will be released monthly, about 3 weeks in advance of each new month.

This will give you the time frame to obtain information regarding weather and road conditions prior to making the proper decision to purchase tickets.



All purchases are Final.

Due to limited capacity, there are absolutely NO returns, refunds, and products may not be transferred to another person or date.

PLEASE Confirm your dates prior to completing your transaction.

Your credit card will be charged for the amount shown, regardless of whether or not the purchased ticket(s) is/are used.

We DO NOT Guarantee driving Conditions, Snow Conditions, Weather Conditions.